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Why Did Saul Confess In The Last Episode?

Why Did Saul Confess In The Last Episode

Warning, the following article contains major spoilers of the full story of Better Call Saul season six including the eventful finale as well.

Better Call Saul recently concluded its six-season run with a startling finale. The episode had it all, including a tonne of flashbacks that revived some of the franchise’s most illustrious characters. The biggest surprise, though, comes toward the conclusion, when everyone is speculating as to why Jimmy chose to confess in Better Call Saul. Here is everything you would need to know and understand as well.

What led Saul Goodman and Jimmy Mcgill to confess?

Why Did Saul Confess In The Last Episode?

When Saul Goodman, a.k.a. James McGill, is ultimately apprehended by the police in the Better Call Saul finale, he defends himself in court, concluding his storyline and giving his testimony. The critically acclaimed antihero criminal thriller Better Call Saul came to a fitting conclusion with the appearance of crucial Breaking Bad characters in the series finale. This not only made the distinctions between the main series and the spinoff even hazier, but it also gave Slippin’ Jimmy the motivation he needed to pull off his biggest con yet.

Saul had met with the law enforcement people in order to come to a deal that would just reduce his prison time to a mere seven years, but then something changed, and Saul went on and decided to tell the truth and come clean. He then tells the truth or, more like, confesses the truth about himself and Walter White. He stated that it would have been impossible for Heisenberg’s empire to be that elaborate and go to the levels of success that it did; Saul was a very important key pillar for it. Then the question that remains is why did he confess at all?

It all comes about and makes everything clear once he hears that Kim Wexler had already confessed to being involved in Howard Hamlin’s death and then following through with the coverup. This sparks something that comes to a realization; then it ignites something inside Saul, and once Saul hears that Kim could be taken for everything she’s got while he is on the plane.

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Once he reaches the court, he decides to confess and further in an effort to take full responsibility for Kim’s predicament; he also hopes to clear her image in the eyes of the public and the legal system as well, and further demonstrate to Kim that he is also courageous enough to step out and confess as James McGill did. Even though Jimmy McGill will have to serve the rest of his life in prison, he wanted to demonstrate to her that he is still alive and that he did do it for her.

Jimmy just tells a single falsehood in the Better Call Saul finale testimony, which exposes his true motivations: Kim wasn’t responsible for Howard’s death. Saul’s evidence in court ultimately succeeds in pulling off one last “scam” by coercing everyone into doing what he wants. However, the conclusion of Better Call Saul is about remorse, as Walter White explains in the show’s final scene. Even though it was not directly related to Jimmy’s RICO case, Jimmy also admits to the court that he helped push his brother Chuck to the verge of suicide. 

Does Jimmy Mcgill get a life sentence?

Why Did Saul Confess In The Last Episode?

With that in mind, everyone is speculating as to whether Saul Goodman or Jimmy McGill will receive a life sentence in prison or if he’ll manage to avoid it. Co-creator and showrunner Peter Gould reportedly stated in an interview with TVLine that we would never know the answer to it.

Why did Saul prefer to be called James Mcgill?

It’s all down to James McGill that Better Call Saul managed to pull off a miracle by making it seem possible that Saul Goodman is somehow deserving of forgiveness. This was the series’ ultimate twist because it was widely anticipated that it would have a totally gloomy conclusion.

It all comes back to Saul’s history as Jimmy in the Better Call Saul finale, including Breaking Bad cameos, the flashback scene with Jimmy and Chuck, and how Jimmy and Kim enjoy one final cigarette in jail. This is unequivocal evidence that Saul Goodman is, in fact, a real person. The last nail in the coffin that Saul himself built at the conclusion is his request to be called by his real name, James McGill.

You now have all the information you require regarding Jimmy’s decision to confess in Better Call Saul.

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