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Why Anime is Bad for us?

If I ask, do you love to watch cartoons or anime? Most of the answers will come, yes of course. Anime is such a thing to which the kids and even adults feel addicted. Whenever your favourite characters are on the screen you stick tightly to your seat. You start fantasising about yourself with them. You start imagining a new story in which you keep yourself in the opposite of the favourite character. let’s know Why Anime is Bad for us.

By the way, this is not your fault, the casts, their performance, and storylines are presented in such a beautiful way that you are compelled to become addicted. But you know what sometimes that addiction is not good for you,  especially for the kids. Yes, I am talking about the negative effects of anime. Let’s see what could be the reasons for the bad impact of the anime.

Effect on health and mental health

If I talk about the negative impact of anime, then it mostly affects children. At the time of childhood, kids generally watch cartoons rather than movies. Its colourful presentation and funny dialogue make them happy and they became addicted that effect their daily routine. If they like it too much they can watch it at the time study. Nowadays children are familiar with smartphones from a very tender age. While eating, they show their tantrum to watch cartoons on smartphones. Because of that, they don’t take food properly or nutritionally. That effect their health.

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It’s incredibly tough to put down an anime once you’ve started viewing it. In children and teenagers, this might have a negative impact on concentration and study. In addition, the adolescent years are a crucial stage in the development of the human intellect. The type of material offered to someone at this stage has the potential to have a long-term effect. If we allow children and teenagers to watch everything available on the internet without supervision and they will almost certainly come across the darker side of the internet sooner rather than later.

Detached from Real-world

It’s very acceptable to have a favourite character. It only becomes unhealthy when you grow so connected to a fictional persona that you reject all interactions with actual people.

This is very wrong that you are spending your whole day in a sad mood over their tragic situation because a fictitious figure cannot provide you with the same level of affection and attention as a real person. This can make you a un socialised person.

The tendency of becoming Violent

It’s fine to argue with someone or discuss theories as long as you do so maturely. on the other hand, you grow so devoted to an anime or you may have gotten unhealthy and obsessed with it and you get possessive of it and start quarrelling with anyone who criticises it, criticising them and going on a rage.

Friendships may be lost as a result of such conduct.

Anime programmes such as Death Note depict a distorted view of justice, and while they might be exhilarating and entertaining, they can also have a negative impact on the young mind.

Adult content

Children aren’t the only ones that enjoy anime and manga. The majority of the material is aimed at young adults and adults. Children now frequently enjoy watching or reading a variety of anime and manga meant for an older audience

Instead of allowing you to be in reality, it drew you into a fantasy realm. The majority of anime that people watch features half-naked women or erotica. In anime, the first few episodes are looks innocent but as the episode progresses, the episode becomes more interesting. It’s starting to portray women with short garments so that part of their skin can be seen. Some anime has more bloody moments like fights between heroes and villains, or killing someone whom they dislike.

This can affect a child’s mind in real life if he wanted to do that kind of experience. As a result, people can die as of viewing anime.

It’s not that anime is totally harmful. Without it the memories of childhood are incomplete. Apart from dark sides, anime can be someone’s life support. It totally depends upon you, through which angle you are receiving its content. And for kids, an l, little bit of parents’ concern is needed that which type of staff are watched by their children. That’s it. There is no need to be worried highly.

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