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Train To Busan Season 3 Release Date Might come out soon

Movies with zombies and apocalyptic scenes have been one of the most loved genres. The Korean entertainment industries are also growing incredibly fast and are getting very popular rapidly. The recent Korean science fiction thriller series is based on the zombie apocalypse that we talked about. Korean horror movies are always loved a lot, and the current show about Zombies, All of Us Are Dead, was also loved a lot. let’s read more about Train To Busan Season Three Release Date.

The movie Train to Busan is one of the most loved Korean Zombie movies of all time. It has a huge fan base. It instantly made a place in the list of Z films. The second part of the movie was also received very positively because of its unique storyline and the acting by the actors was also very on point.

The director of the movie Yeon Sang-Ho, who is already an internationally acclaimed director, also teased the third installment of the movie, which has the fans wrapped around a finger.

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Train to Busan 3 Release Date:

Train To Busan Season Three Release Date
Train To Busan Season Three Release Date

There has been no official announcement as to the release date or the production of the movie as of now. The first movie, Train to Busan, was released in the year 2016, and then four years after its release, we got another movie in the series called Train to Busan 2: Peninsula in the year 2020 on the 15th of July. The release was limited as the world grappled with the deadly coronavirus, which is quite ironic as the movie is also about virus infestation.

The director, however, in 2021, did tease a potential another movie in the series. However, that has still not been confirmed, and it is hard to tell if it will come out anytime soon. The director had also hinted that the third movie would be a creative mixture of the first two movies, and it would be a cross-genre with multiple subjects in it as well. He said he was looking forward to expanding the cinematic universe.

He also mentioned that the movie would not be carried out in an ample open space as the second movie, Peninsula, was done; however, the third movie will somewhat resemble the first movie, and it will also be carried out in a small space as the train in the first one.

If the official announcement comes in later this year, we can expect the movie to come out sometime in late 2023 or early 2024, as it takes longer to film such movies

Train To Busan 3 Story:

Train To Busan 3 Story:
Train To Busan 3 Story

There is no official announcement or news as to what it can be about. The second movie was set in a world four years after the first one, in the same universe. Both were about a zombie apocalypse caused by a virus, and the third movie is expected to be the same.

The first movie was about a father trying to protect his daughter from zombies on a train. The second movie was about the southern part of Korea being affected by the deadly zombie virus four years after the first one, while there has been no such thing happening to the rest of the world.

Both movies are based on survival, familial love, grief, and loss. All of them have a very profound social commentary and urge us to go beyond our daily lives and think.

The third movie will also be along these lines only.

Train to Busan 3 Cast:

The first two movies in the series have brought an entirely new cast to the screen, so it becomes difficult to even guess who can be there in the third movie. The first movie saw prominent Korean actor Gong Yoo in the lead role. Then in the second movie, there was an entirely new cast with no connection to the first one. So, we cannot say anything about the cast for the third movie before an announcement is made. They could bring back the old characters or again get new faces.

Where To Watch The Movies:

The first movie is available on Amazon Prime and can be watched there. The second movie Peninsula is there on Netflix.

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