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Top Boy season 3 Release date Speculation?

Top boy is a British TV crime drama thriller series written and created by Ronan Bennett. Set on the backdrop of a fictional Summerhouse estate in London’s hackney, the series navigates through the lives of characters including drug dealers Dushane(Ashley Walters) and Sully(Kane ‘kano’ Robinson) who are hoping to become the richest people on the block and features an impressive supporting cast over the first two seasons. let’s know Top Boy season 3 Release date.

Hope to see more of them in the Top Boy season 3(or five). But, when is Top Boy season 3 going to be released?

Top Boy season 3 Release date
Top Boy season 3 Release date

Top boy season 3 release date

Initially, the first and the second season of Top boy aired in 2011 and 2013 respectively on the Channel 4 network. However, from the third season that premiered in 2019, Netflix officially acquired the publishing rights of the show, and thus now the third and fourth seasons are said to be the first and second seasons of the show respectively, different from the earlier norms.

Recently, Top boy season 2 aired on Netflix in March, this year. Moreover, on 31st March, Netflix officially confirmed that Top boy will be returning for a third and final season and its filming will begin this summer. Thus, fans can expect a release date for Top Boy season 3 in 2023. The trailer for next season may drop in the early phase of 2023.

Top Boy season 3 Release date
Top Boy season 3 Release date

Top boy storyline

In the first season, the series particularly follows the plight of Ra’Nell as he navigates his life on a crime-filled summerhouse estate after his mother Lisa, is admitted to a mental hospital. His mother is cared for in the hospital by one of his close friends Leon, who was once a respected enforcer on the estate.

Ra’Nell has gained a reputation around the estate for violently stabbing his abusive father. Meanwhile, Heather, Lisa’s friend takes his help to grow a cannabis crop so that she can earn enough money and raise her unborn child somewhere else, in a safer environment. Meanwhile, his friend Gem starts to work as a Drug dealer for summerhouse kingpins Dushane and sully.

Dushane and Sully, the two main protagonists of the series, run the estate together. Over time, they are one of the top drug dealers and suppliers and have developed a firm grip on their dominance in the estate. But, the friendship comes to a standstill when Kamale, a rival drug dealer from London fields, steals a hefty amount of their supply, and they are forced to hunt him down before Bobby Raikes, who is their supplier, takes strict action against them.

In the second season, Sully and Dushane’s rivalry grow stronger and soon Sully attempts to start his own crew rival Dushan, with his friend Mike, who is a psychopathic ex-convict. However, Mike fears losing his life when the police force him to give information about Dushane.

While Lisa faces eviction from her business when her landlord tries to increase the rent by thrice the existing amount. Gem is in great trouble and is caught in a vicious trap by Vincent, who uses him as his pawn to complete his drug deals. Thus, Gem and his father move to Ramsgate.

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Top Boy season 3 Release date
Top Boy season 3 Release date

Meanwhile, Jason, a neglected boy who is trying to thrive in a place filled with drugs, crime, and murder, comes into contact with Sully. In the third season, Dushane fled to jamaica where he starts to work in his cousin’s car rental shop.

However, after making a business deal with an imprisoned drug lord named sugar, he returns to Summerhouse to sell Sugar’s product to become the Top boy once again. However, he is enemies with Jamie, head of a new crew from London fields.

Sully is in prison now and connects with Jason and Gem to begin their sales in Ramsgate. In the previous season, the characters struggled in their lives with their growing empire, meanwhile, trust, friendship, alliances, and mutual bonds are formed on a new front.

The series traces the lives and struggles of different characters including Dushane, Sully, Gem, Ra’Nell, Lisa, etc. in the region of Summerhouse estate in London’s hackney and revolves around the circumstances faced by them, and their specific purpose of surviving in this world of crime and drugs.

Top Boy season 3 Release date
Top Boy season 3 Release date

Cast and characters of Top boy

Ashley waters as Dushane hill, Kane Robinson as Sully, Shone Romulus as Dris Walsh, Malcolm Kamulete as Ra’Nell are the lead characters of the main story. While, in the supporting cast are-Kierston Wareing, Nicholas Pinnock, Xavien Russell, Michael ward, Giacomo Mancini, etc.

The cast has a suitable screen appearance that blends out to be a real feature of this crime drama series. Hoping to see the same fantastic cast, reprising their roles again in the upcoming seasons of the show.

Where can we watch Top boy?

Originally the first two seasons premiered on the Channel 4 network. But, for now, both the latest reinstallments for Top boy are officially streaming on Netflix. A must-watch crime drama thriller.

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