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Top 15 Underrated Anime Of All Time You Will be Thrilled To Watch

Nowadays, for everyone regardless of the age group they belong to, anime has become one of the main sources of entertainment. It has gained a huge fan following in recent times when we all discovered all the various genres that it ranges through. let’s read more about the Top underrated anime of all time.

Sometimes we just follow the mainstream media debate and watch the ones that have gained a lot of places in the limelight and they are nice too. But have you ever come across an anime that was not heavily discussed and you found that oh it is one of the most beautiful things you have watched?

Once, while randomly scrolling through Instagram I found this anime series called The Disastrous Life of Saiki Kusuo and I binged watched it. it turned out to be one of the best decisions I made that week, it was full of humor and fun, one of the most light-hearted shows I have ever watched and I was so so grateful.

Then it occurred to me that there are several such anime that is actually waiting to be discovered. While over the years anime has managed to gain a lot of attention as well as fan following, there are still certain anime that are yet to be discovered, and we as anime enthusiasts have to gather attention towards it as much as we can. We have hundreds and hundreds of mind-blowing anime to watch each year.

And we keep getting new series and shows and manga all the time and it honestly becomes an ordeal to keep a track of all of it. Because there is a huge list of things to watch, the fans mostly end up watching the ones that are made popular by the media like Attack on Titan or One piece, Demon Slayer, and many more such shows, and while they are amazing in themselves, we still deprive ourselves of all the underrated gems the anime world has to offer to us.

Not every worthwhile anime series is given a chance to make it to the popular media. With so many being produced all the time and competing for viewers, some gems will inevitably fall through the cracks. Fans looking for some underappreciated titles to dive into should check out some of these series.

We have compiled this list of the most underrated anime of all time, while this is not in a ranking way, we still wanted to bring your attention here.

Anohana- the flower we saw that day
Anohana- the flower we saw that day
  • Anohana- the flower we saw that day

This is also considered a very sad anime and possibly one of the saddest anime of all time. The movie is beautiful and explores various nuances of human relationships. The story is about a group of friends who each are trying to cope with the death of their beloved friend named Menma when they were kids. Jinta Yadomi is the main character here apart from Menma of course, he has gone estranged from all his friends after Menma died.

Jinta is, however, able to see Menma’s ghost every day and while he fights himself saying Menma is dead and she cannot be here, he still talks to Menma’s ghost and treats her as if she is alive only. One day Menma asks Jinta to fulfill her wish so she can peacefully pass into the afterworld. And this brings Jinta to talk to all his friends in order to fulfill Menma’s wish.

Anohana is a very touching story in itself and definitely underrated, it deals with grief and mourning and the general ordeal of growing up. This is a very sad but beautiful story and every anime fan should definitely watch it.

Haganai anime series
Haganai anime series
  • Haganai

This story has a very weird, sarcastic, and kind of dry humor. It is strange but not surprisingly different from the anime that was released around the time Haganaia was released. It is very low-key and not so loud, unlike the ones that were very prevalent and famous when it was just released. The story is about a group of socially maladroit and awkward students from high school. They are all very incapable or mostly inept at making friends and so they make this bizarre club that comprises more people like themselves and they then teach them how to make friends. Haganai also has a lot of dark humor which might not be everyone’s cup of tea but people should definitely give it a try. The anime however has a distinct fan base but it certainly deserves more recognition.

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Mushi-shi Anime Series
Mushi-shi Anime Series
  • Mushi-shi

This is a very unique show. It follows a young man named Ginko. Ginko travels around the world helping people. He is a spirit and the world he inhabits is also full of such spirits that are called Mushi, these Mushi go about their daily life meeting humans and trying to know more and more about their lives. Ginko can see these Mushi and so he tries his best to help the people who get affected in a negative way by these Mushi.

The anime just revolves around the lives of people who are being helped by Ginko. There is beautiful and suspenseful storytelling. The animation is beautiful too.

Tsuritama anime series
  • Tsuritama

Tsuritma is a kind of anime that every sports fan must watch. It focuses on fishing but not on the main type of fishing rather it explores this very nuanced kind of fishing. The main storyline is very narrow, unlike all the loud and bombastic drama that the sports genre of anime generally focuses on. The anime has a very narrow, streamlined, and personal kind of focus. The story revolves around a high school student named Yuki who is a loner ad very socially inept.

Yuki has a hard time making friends as he has spent most of his life just traveling around. Now Yuki lives with his grandmother in Enoshima, he has finally settled down. suddenly, the story takes a turn when this mysterious student named Haru decides to show up at their door and claims that he is actually an alien and so he wants to live in their house. This induces a lot of fear and anxiety in Yuki as he is not very used to a stranger’s presence in his life. however, this leads to a very heartfelt friendship between them.

Monster anime series
  • Monster

This anime came out in 2005, which is around seventeen years ago. This has been critically well-received and acclaimed a lot but it is still criminally underrated. The story is also kind of dark, it follows a brain surgeon named Dr. Kenzo Tenma. Kenzo is faced with a dilemma when he has to choose between saving either the life of his mayor or the lives of two twins, and he chooses to save the life of the latter and now he has to deal with the aftermath of this.

He gets to know that one of the twins named Johan is now a monstrous serial killer and the other one is merely living a normal life with her foster parents. Now the story revolves around Kenma trying to undo the mistake that he made while he saved Johan.

Hell Girl anime series
Hell Girl anime series
  • Hell Girl

The anime came out a long time back. It is one of the most severely underrated anime of the horror genre. It is also a very entertaining anime. It manages to keep the watchers hooked to the screens till the very end. The series’ unique and dark story introduces you to a woman who is known as Hell Girl, a.k.a. Ai Enma. On the dark web, a mysterious website appears, and people with a strong desire for vengeance begin using it to summon the Hell Girl. People ask Ai Enma to kill someone they despise, and the Hell Girl brutally eliminates each target and sends their soul to hell, but she also demands a high price.

Darker than Black
Darker than Black
  • Darker than Black

Darker than black still holds one of the top places when it comes to rating the top mystery science fiction anime. It is one of the finest shows ever created as considered by the fans. It did not garner much attention despite being a very fine masterpiece. The story revolves around this mysterious gate that has suddenly appeared in Tokyo which is termed “Hell’s gate”.

Several Psychics with supernatural abilities attempt to solve the mystery of the gate. However, the story primarily follows the journey of Hei and his blind companion Yin, two of the world’s most powerful Psychics.

Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou
Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou
  • Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou

Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou also known as His and Her Circumstances is a romantic comedy. This anime came out in October 1998 and ran till March 1999. However, this beautiful show remained underrated and got overshadowed by other contemporary rom-com series.

The show revolves around the lives of these young high school teenagers and the problems they face on a regular basis. The lighthearted story and relatable characters of Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou were well-received by critics. As per some of the fans, it is “probably the most disarmingly honest romance in shoujo ever made.” So, it’s about time we revisited and cherished this classic underappreciated anime series.

Daily lives of High School boys
Daily lives of High School boys
  • Daily lives of High School boys

As the name insinuates, the show is about the daily lives of high school boys. The story mainly focuses on the day-to-day adventures of a high school teenager named Tadakuni and his friend group consisting of Hidenori Tabata and Tanaka.

Tadakuni and his friends face challenges every day as they interact with their classmates. The Daily Lives of High School Boys, unlike recent anime shows, does not have a linear or complex plot. You can start watching the show at any point and enjoy the main characters’ cartoonish coming-of-age adventures. Every episode of this anime’s humorous plot will leave you wanting more, and it definitely deserves your time.

Moribito the guardian of the spirit
Moribito the guardian of the spirit
  • Moribito the guardian of the spirit

This series is based on a Japanese novel written by Nahoko Uehashi. The novel was released in 1996. The genre is mostly about sword and sorcery but it manages to fare better than a lot of other anime. An empress hires Balsa, a spear-wielding mercenary, to save her son from the emperor. The empress believes her son is under the control of the water demon and will soon bring a deadly drought to the entire nation.

Ghost Stories anime series
Ghost Stories anime series
  • Ghost Stories

This is another horror or paranormal anime that is criminally underrated. It focuses on a group of young teenagers who have to deal with all the paranormal disturbances that happened after this local construction meddled with the collection of shrines around it. Because Ghost Stories was poorly received in Japan, the Western localization team chose to change the original script, transforming the series into a hilariously risque dark comedy.

The anime also has a bad reputation in the well-known anime crowd but it is definitely a must-watch anime.

Horizon in the middle of nowhere
Horizon in the middle of nowhere
  • Horizon in the middle of nowhere

Horizon in the middle of nowhere is a very complex anime. There cannot be any easy explanation for it, it is a science fiction anime that follows the aftermath of the failed attempts of humanity to travel into space.

It feels as if they are unable to leave due to an unknown force, and are forced to return to Japan, which is the only hospitable place on the planet. The majority of the human population is reduced to pocket dimensions, but after a while, those people invade and conquer Japan, forcing the inhabitants to live on a city-ship that circles the country indefinitely. As rumors of an impending apocalypse spread, protagonist Tori Aoi devises a plan to reclaim their homeland.

Hamatora anime series
Hamatora anime series
  • Hamatora

Hamatora is of the superhero genre. There are two seasons of it and there is also a manga of the same name. It’s primarily a supernatural mystery series that keeps the tension high with many unexpected twists and turns. It’s easy to become engrossed in the plot, but the series never loses sight of the endearing characters who drew fans in the first place.

Sakurako- san no Ashimoto ni wa Shittai ga Umatteiru
Sakurako- san no Ashimoto ni wa Shittai ga Umatteiru
  • Sakurako- san no Ashimoto ni wa Shittai ga Umatteiru

This is another strange and underrated anime. It goes by the name Beautiful Bones: Sakurako’s investigation.’ It is about when a young man meets a girl who for leisure activity examines different bone specimens. It is more of a mystery series.

Tamayura Anime Series
Tamayura Anime Series
  • Tamayura

The story has a female cast in the lead role, it follows them through the thoughtful and insightful perspective of a young girl who has profound views on life.

Detroit Metal City Anime Series
Detroit Metal City
  • Detroit Metal City

The story is very interesting. It is about a young man named Soichi Negishi who wanted to become a rising pop star but unfortunately, he could not make his dream come true so he deices dot become the frontman for this very notorious death metal band called Detroit Metal City. It is a hilarious sort of celebration for various music genres. The title is an ode to the notorious rock band KISS and their song named Detroit Rock City. We hope you like the list and also decide to give some of the mentioned anime a try as well.

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