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Through My Window 2 Release Date Announced?

It is a Spanish movie released on Netflix on 4th February 2022 based on the novel Through My Window by Ariana Godoy. A romantic movie where two people who are supposed to be neighbors fall in love with each other. It attracted most teens for its portrayal of love. This movie talks about the relationship of an unexpected Love that starts from misuse of wifi password. In Spanish, it is named as A través de mi ventana.let’s know about Through My Window 2 Release date

Through My Window 2 Release date

As far now Netflix has announced that there is going to be a sequel to this romantic thriller. To the surprise of the viewers, there are going to be two sequels. But, the dates of release or shoot are not yet decided or announced by Netflix. The first season was released in the month of Love “February.” Concerning it, the second season might also release in February in the upcoming years. It may or may not release in February or it may even stream online before it. We have to wait till Netflix announces the release date of the next season.

The fans are eagerly waiting for the sequel to release soon: until the next sequel comes, we can just watch the first part and enjoy the feel. 

Season Release date
Through my Window Season 1 4th February 2022
Through my window Season 2 Not yet announced
Through My Window 2 Release Date
Through My Window 2 Release date
Through my window 2 release date

Through My Window 2 Story

The first season has an open ending with the depart of Ares and Raquel ending their relationship and going to different universities for doing their graduation in Medicine and Literature respectively. In the next part, we can expect a reunion of both of them. And an improvement in the relationship between Apollo and Daniela. We can also expect various twists like a new female lead or a male lead in the universities that Ares and Raquel study. We can feed our skill of imagination on the plot of the story until Netflix reveals the storyline or the dates of the movie release. The author of the novel has not yet released the sequel of this story but, it is discussed that she will be working with Netflix to develop the plot of this movie.

Through My Window 2 characters

Ares, Raquel, Rosa María, Apolo, Sofía Hidalgo, Artemis, Daniela, Yoshi, Marco, Samy, Claudia are the characters that were casted in the first part. As the plot revolves around Raquel and Ares we can expect the main characters like Ares, Raquel, and their friends and family members to remain in the upcoming sequels. 

This movie had mixed reviews but, the characters were appreciated for their lively acting and making the audience feel their emotions. We can expect that most of the favorite characters will retain in the next part.

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Through My Window 2 characters
Through my window 2 cast

Where can we watch Through My Window 2 online?

It is a Netflix movie that was streamed in February of 2022 and we can get a Netflix subscription to watch this teen romantic love story. It comes under the genre of Romantic fiction, drama, and comedy. It is a deserving movie for Netflix subscription.

Through My Window 2 Trailer

Netflix has not yet started the shoot of this romantic movie. We fans should wait for the official announcement from Netflix to know about the further release dates. The first season trailer was a huge hit and it was released in October 2021 which is a few months before the release of the movie. We have to wait until we receive the confirmation from Netflix.

Through My Window 1 recap

It is the story of a girl who is naive stalking her neighbor who is from a rich family. Eventually, the male protagonist falls in love with her even when his parents disapprove of their relationship. On one side there is a separate love track that goes on between Ares’s brother Apollo and Raquel’s friend Daniela.

Ares and Raquel discuss their passion for medicine and literature respectively. There is also a triangle love story between Yoshi, Raquel, and Ares. In the climax, Raquel and Ares decide to break up due to a long-distance relationship.

This movie has received a mixture of positive and negative reviews some enjoyed the feel of this movie; some felt that it was a cliche topic, that is usually seen in other movies.

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