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The Seven Lives of Lea Season 2 Release Date?

The Seven Lives of Lea Season 2 Release Date
The Seven Lives of Lea Season 2 Release Date

The seven lives of Lea (French Les 7 vies de Léa) is a French supernatural drama television series. The series was created by Charlotte Sanson. Natal Trapp wrote this French Netflix series based on the 2019 book. The 7 Lives of Lea. In this case, the female protagonist is wiser to let things flow as fate has chosen rather than trying to control them and making a bigger mess. This is a lesson that every other time-travel novel teaches us over and over.

The show is available throughout the world through the OTT streaming platform Netflix. The show was first released on Netflix on April 22nd, 2022. There was a total of seven episodes in the first season with a running time of 45 minutes each.

The Seven Lives of Lea Season 2 Release Date

The Seven Lives of Lea Season 2 Release Date
The Seven Lives of Lea Season 2

The announcement for the second season has not been confirmed, but there are rumors that it is set to be released in 2023. The release date precisely has not been announced yet. This show was one of the most trending shows of 2022. Hence, when the first season ended, there was a massive demand from the eager fans to get another season. The Seven Lives of Lea tells the story of a girl named Lea who travels through time and returns to her past after discovering the skeletons of an individual named Ishmael. Every day, Leah assumes the identities of seven different people in order to find out what happened to Ishmael. More information can be found in the article “Sinopsis. The Seven Lives of Lea dan Link Streaming di Netflix.”

 Within a month of its release, the series gained so much popularity. So, if Netflix considers its popularity and demand, then we might expect an early release too.

SeasonsRelease Dates
The Seven Lives of Lea Season 1 Release Date28 April 2022
The Seven Lives of Lea Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet
The Seven Lives of Lea Season 2 Release Date

The Seven Lives of Lea Season 1 Story

The story of The Seven Lives of Lea, revolves around our main character Lea, who is a carefree rebellious teenager, and her lack of maturity and understanding. She has no regard for her actions and has no desire to graduate from high school or take responsibility for her future. She prefers to live in the present moment rather than worry about what her future self might face as a result of her current actions. Her adventure, however, did not end there. At an outdoor party, Lea, played by Raika Hazanavicius, stumbles upon a dead body. She finds the remains of a man who was just a few years older than her, and then after this, she wakes up in the 90s. She wakes up in various bodies each morning so that she can try to prevent the mysterious death of the man. She wakes up in the body of a man named Ismael, trying to revert back the damage. Then again, she wakes up in her own body the next day, and then the process continues; she wakes up in another body again, always finding herself in another person’s reality. She wakes up in the bodies of her mother, her father, some infamous bully named Pye, and other people too.

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The most important thing for Lea is to unfold the mystery behind his death and also to find out why he died. She tells her best friend about everything and her findings, but her best friend dismisses them as a joke and suggests Lea see a therapist instead.

Because the time traveler is not trapped in another timeline but is instead living in the present and experiencing these body swaps, we can expect to learn more about different characters and their points of view through Lea and, of course, uncover more mysteries and secrets.

The Seven Lives of Lea Season 1 Cast

The Seven Lives of Lea Season 2 Release Date
The Seven Lives of Lea Season 2
  • Raika Hazanavicius plays the main character Lea.
  • Khalil Ben Gharbia plays Ismael.
  • Marguerite Thiam Donnadieu plays the young Karine.
  • Maira Schmitt plays Romane.
  • Theo Fernandez plays the young Stephane.
  • Rebecca Williams plays Sandra.
  • Melanie Doutey plays the older Karine.
  • Samuel Benchetrit plays the adult Stephane.

We can expect the same cast to be in season two of the series too, or we can expect new inclusions too.

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