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The rookie season 5 release date Coming Soon?

The rookie is an American crime series that was created under ABC studios. The chances of The Rookie season 5 happening are still to be confirmed by ABC. It revolves around our protagonist John Nolan who joins the Los Angeles police department (LAPD). This series talks about starting life all over again in the late forties seriously with a comical touch to it. It premiered on October 16, 2018, and still airing. This series deals with crime cases, action, humor, and many more genres. let’s know more about The rookie season 5 release date.

The rookie season 5 release date

The is no official word from ABC about the cancellation or release of The Rookie season 5. The first season of Rookie premiered on October 16, 2018, and ran until April 16, 2019. The second season streamed from September 29, 2019, to May 10, 2020. The third season ran from January 3, 2021, to May 16, 2021. The fourth season is premiering from September 26, 2021, to April 10, 2022. From the previous ratings of this season, there are fifty chances that there may be the next sequel of this series. We have to wait till we receive a legal announcement from ABC. 

Season Release Date
The rookie season 1 16 October 2018
The rookie season 2 29 September 2019
The rookie season 3 03 January 2021
The rookie season 4 26 September 2021
The rookie season 5 To be announced
The rookie season 5 release date
The rookie season 5 release date
The Rookie Season 5 release date

The rookie season 5 Story

It is sad news for the fans that we have no glimpse of the plot of the series. But from the previous series, we can say that the next season will also be about John Nolan’s struggles he faces in his job and how he overcomes it with his sense of humor. Though the series received a mixture of different opinions I feel that this is a pass-time series with a motivational touch. Being an Old Rookie John Nolan faced both physical inabilities and emotional damage. But he is brave and managed all the problems wisely.

The rookie season 5 cast

We were not able to find any news about the cast of The Rookie season 5. John Nolan, Lucy Chen, Tim Bradford, Angela Lopez, Jackson West, Nyla Harper, Zoe Andersen, Wade Grey, Wesley Evers, Talia Bishop are a few characters that appeared in The Rookie. We expect the same characters to remain in the next season and there will be some new characters introduced. The role of a forty-year-old man in LAPD was realistically portrayed in the character of John Nolan. 

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The rookie season 5 cast
The Rookie Season 5 cast

Where can we watch the rookie season 5 online?

The Rookie season is available in ABC studios and amazon prime. This is also available in Hulu but it is restricted only to American users. Some sneak peeks and scenes of this series were available on YouTube, Facebook, and some social media apps and sites. This series was released during the Pandemic and it was another reason for its success. The online platforms have paved the way for us to explore different inspirational series.

The rookie season 5 Trailer

There is no word about the trailer of The Rookie season 5. The other seasons’ trailer was very crisp and interesting. We can wait for an official note from ABC studios. This series is something that will not inspire people of all ages or all mindsets. So, this series has a separate set of fanbases. The trailer of the previous seasons will give us a gist about that season.

The rookie Review

It is an American series that takes place in Los Angeles. It is about John Nolan who faces all the skeptical questions that are fired on him because he is a Rookie who is forty years of age. After his divorce, he becomes an LAPD cop clearing the police exam and training. He realizes that he has this ability after a bank robbery where he diverts the robbers and helps a woman to ring the emergency alarm. 

We can see that this series has the main theme of identity crisis where John Nolan tries hard to rebuild his middle age life after leaving his company and joining the LAPD. It shows several emotions and struggles of a middle-aged man. This is a series that not only talks about John Nolan but also talks about how skeptical people are. It also discusses the crimes that happen in society and how cops deal with them wisely and wittily. 

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