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Samantar Season 3 Release date Announced?

Samantar is an Indian fantasy thriller show in the Marathi language. The show has been directed by Sameer Vidwans, and it stars various actors like Swwapnil Joshi, Tejaswinin Pandit, and Sai Tamhankar in the lead roles. The series had a total of ten episodes in the second season. Samantar Season Three Release Date.

The show is based on a book by the same name written by Suhas Shirvalkar. The second season was released some time ago, and the show has received good reviews. Now, the fans are speculating whether or not there will be a season three for the same. And as it appears from specific reports, we might have more seasons with Samantar. And also, the second season ended on a sort of cliffhanger, which gave rise to more speculations of there being a third season.

There was also a shocking twist at the end of the second season, so it becomes imperative to think that there might be another season to continue with all these things.

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Samantar Season 3 Release Date:

Samantar Season Three Release date Announced
Samantar Season Three Release date Announced

As mentioned above, the show already has had two seasons as of now, and given the ending of the second season, it seems likely that there will be a third season as well. The most important question that curious fans have been raising is when will there be a third season, what is the official announcement, and when can we expect the new season to release?

Now, though, it is inevitable that there might be a third season based on the fact that since the series is based on a book, the show will try to cover the whole story from the book, and the book has a total of three sections. The show has covered the two sections so we can expect one more season at least. The show was released on the platform MX Player.

However, while we think there will be another season, we do not know when it will be released. There has been no official announcement made for the same. If everything goes on time well, we can expect the show might come sometime in the middle of the following year, that is, in 2023, it cannot come any sooner as this year is almost nearing the end, and there has to be writing and shooting done for the show so it can also come in late 2023.

Samantar Season 3 Story:

As Master Oogway put it efficiently in Kung Fu Panda, we often meet our destiny on the road we try to avoid our best. Samantar somewhat follows a similar principle. The show follows a guy named Kumar Mahajan, played by Swwapnil Joshi, and another guy separated by an age gap of thirty long years, Sudarshan Chakrapani, played by Nitish Bhardwaj.

Kumar Mahajan, as it appears, is very distraught about his life, and he approaches an astrologer to find out what is wrong with his destiny and how to deal with all this. The astrologer, however, refuses to entertain his requests for his future. Kumar also happens to be an atheist, but he believes that all the answers he wants will be with a Swami, played by Jayant Savarkar.

Samantar Season Three Release date Announced
Samantar Season Three Release date Announced

The swami, however, tells him that he read this same hand 33 years ago, and he cannot tell him his future he did not the person 33 years ago about his future either. He, however, tells him the name, Chakrapani. Kumar realizes that chakrapani’s life is flowing parallelly to his, and he reads his diaries and vows never to make the latter’s mistakes.

The first season focused on Kumar on his search for Sudarshan and the second season was about him finding and eventually being guided by his diaries which narrated his life events. The third season will follow his story forward on whether or not he is able to manage his life well.

 Samantar Season Three Cast

There is no official announcement of the cast members in the third season of Samantar but we can expect all the main actors in lead roles from the first two seasons. There might also be new entries, and we can know more about this when there is an official announcement.

Where to watch Samantar

The show is available to be watched on MX Player.

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