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No Gun Life Season 3 Release Date Updates

No Gun Life Season 3 Release Date
No Gun Life Season 3 Release Date

No Guns Life (Japanese ガンズ・ライフ) is a Japanese manga series, which has been written as well as illustrated by Tasuku Karasuma. From September 2014 to September 2021, the manga was serialized in Shueisha’s seinen manga magazine Ultra Jump, with chapters collected in thirteen tankbon volumes. The studio Madhouse has created an anime television series adaption for the manga as well. On March 18, 2019, the series adaption was revealed in the April issue of Shueisha’s Ultra Jump magazine. The first installment aired from October to December of 2019. The second installment aired from July to September 2020. Viz Media has licensed the manga for English language release in North America. Funimation has licensed the anime television series for the same. Madhouse’s animation is directed by Naoyuki It and produced by Egg Firm, with Yukie Sugawara handling series composition, Masanori Shino designing the characters, and Kenji Kawai composing the music. Its 3DCG backgrounds were developed using Unreal Engine 4 by Cyclone Graphics, the same firm that made the series’ conclusion animation.

The series ran for twenty-four episodes in total that were concluded in two parts. The first half of the series, with 12 episodes, aired in 2019, from October 10 to December 26, on various platforms such as TBS, SUN, KBS, BS11, and AT-X. The latter half of the series containing the other 12 episodes was scheduled to premiere on April 9, 2020; however, due to the COVID19 pandemic, it was delayed ad then finally aired from July 9 to September 24, 2020.

No Gun Life Season 3 Release Date

No Gun Life Season 3 Release Date
No Gun Life Season 3

For the third season, we don’t have any official announcement made by the Madhouse studio yet. Further, both seasons one and two have received average ratings so far, so it is less likely for them to bring another season. The second season of ‘No Guns Life’ covers about seven volumes more than the original manga. Because the manga has 11 published volumes and is still being released, the anime creators have enough content to create a single-season season. However, its renewal status will ultimately be determined by the number of streaming views it receives over time.

SeasonsRelease Dates
No Gun Life Season 1 Release Date11 October 2019
No Gun Life Season 3 Release DateNot Announced Yet
No Gun Life Season 3 Release Date

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No Gun Life Story

No Gun Life Season 3 Release Date
No Gun Life Season 3

No Guns Life‘ swept everyone away with its cyberpunk style and dystopian theme when it originally aired. However, the anime that followed was a bit of a letdown due to incoherent plot lines. Nonetheless, in season 2, the anime made up for all of its problems by adopting a more linear narrative that did credit to its gripping sci-fi action drama.

With two seasons under its belt, ‘No Guns Life’ has acquired its own devoted following. If you’re a fan of the show, you’re probably wondering when the new season will be released. However, when it comes to art and location, it’s a very different story. With the exception of a few CGI bugs here and there, ‘No Guns Life’ features different character designs and intricate settings, all of which offer a depth of originality to its otherwise lacklustre idea.

In the future, humans are not humans anymore; they have turned into cyborgs and are called “Extended” (エックステンド, Ekkusutendo). However, with a considerable war recently concluded, many Extended, who are former soldiers, turn to crime in order to survive. Juzo Inui is a “Resolver,” an Extended mercenary who solves difficulties produced by other Extended. Juzo’s world becomes topsy turvy, however, when a rogue Extended breaks into his office and begs him to protect a small kid named Tetsur Arahabaki. The Berühren Corporation has made available to the public the technology used to construct formidable cyborg troops. The Extended are those who have been supplied with robotic parts. One such Extended is Juuzou Inui, who was formed as a soldier and had no recollection of his previous life. But today, after the war, he manages a company that handles Extended-related situations throughout the city.

There are rumors of a renegade. A big robotic guy with a boy on his back crashes into Juuzo’s workplace, asking for aid.

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