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Meow The Secret Boy Season 2 Release Date is Around the Corner

Korean Dramas have been in vogue for quite some time now. There are a lot of fans now; the Korean entertainment industry saw a massive jump in the rate of its popularity and garnered a huge fan base in the last few years. There are numerous dramas across all genres. let’s read more about Meow The Secret Boy Season 2 Release Date.

From showcasing a soulful and heartful love story and getting the audience on a very emotional roller coaster ride to showing murders, crimes, drug cartels, and psychological thrillers, there is something for everyone in it.

One such Korean Drama came in 2020; it held various records in viewership, though not on the positive side. The Korean drama Welcome, also commonly known as Meow the secret boy, was initially released on the 25th of March in 2020 and aired until the 30th of April in 2020, with twenty-four episodes.

Each episode had an approximate duration of thirty-five minutes. The show recently premiered in India on the top-rated Gen Z entertainment channel, Zing. Zing is a top-rated TV channel that shows all these youth TV shows that resonate with the youth a lot. It decided to get down to business with the K-Drama fever rising and announced that Meow the Secret Boy would premiere on it.

In India, the show started premiering on the 19th of September, and it airs every weekday at 6 PM. The show garnered a lot of attention, some positive and some negative, but there were speculations on whether or not there will be a second season of the show.

Meow The Secret Boy Season 2 Release Date

Meow The Secret Boy Season 2 Release Date
Meow The Secret Boy Season 2 Release Date

The story of this show brought forth a genuine and pure bond. It shows unconditional love between two people. The series is overall cozy and very engaging. It was confirmed that there will be a second season, though the details have not been known yet.

The second season is in the making and will be released sometime in early 2023. The official date of the release is not yet announced. The show will be released on the streaming platform MX Player in the Hindi language, and this would be a great thing for viewers in India who want to watch Korean dramas but can’t because of the language barrier.

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Meow The Secret Boy Season 2 Story

Meow The Secret Boy Season 2 Release Date
Meow The Secret Boy Season 2 Release Date

The show, Meow the Secret Boy is based on a webtoon by the name of Welcome. The webtoon ran from the year 2009 to 2010, and it was created by Go Ara. It is reasonable to expect that the second season will also be based on the remaining story of the webtoon.

It is about a man who can mysteriously transform into a cat and a human. The general story is about a graphic designer named Sol Ah who wants to become a webcomic author in her life. she also does not like cats at all, and she is totally against having a cat as her pet, however in a fateful twist in her life, she comes across a cat.

She brings it home and finds out that it is not just any old-aged cat; instead, the cat is a human, and the cat can transform into a human. Then they fall in love. The cat’s or the human form has the name Hong Jo, and he develops heartfelt and deep feelings towards Sol Ah. He tries to hide his human form from her and wants to just stay by her.

Then there were a lot of questions towards the end of the season, will they be able to live together with such a big secret? Can Sol Ah still love Hong Jo despite the truth that they cannot have a normal relationship ever and that it would be impractical even to desire it? Sol Ah still tries to cope with all her own scars and grows fond of the cat.

The second season will continue this story further.

Season Two Cast

It is highly likely that the second season will also have the same cast. Sol Ah, played by Shin Ye-Eun in the lead role, used to be in a relationship with Lee Jae-sun. Then Hong Jo, played by Kim Myung-soo, who is the cat who can become a human, falls for the lead actress, Sol Ah. Lee Jae-sun is played by Seo Ji-hoon, Sol Ah’s ex. He is allergic to cats.

Where To Watch Meow The Secret Boy Season Two

It can be watched on MX player for free.

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