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Leave It to Geege Season 2 Release Date Announced?

It is a documentary where the protagonist is Geege, a cancer survivor and a mother of two. One of them Pootie is an autistic child of 19 years. Geege takes complete care of him and helps other autistic children who need care and love. Season 1 premiered on January 12, 2022, and ended on March 16, 2022, with 10 episodes. The plot of this documentary made the viewers eagerly wait for the second season. But unfortunately, they are no news about the second season of this series. let’s know about Leave It to Geege Season 2 Release Date.

Leave It to Geege Season 2 release date

As far now Lifetime has not given any announcement regarding this series season 2. The first part has created hype among the audience for the life-like portrayal of the problems faced by an autistic child and a single mother.

But, as this documentary has received positive comments, the producers and the director of the show might plan on making the sequel of this family’s adventure.  There might be a chance for season 2; because it was praised by the critics and viewers for its realistic screenplay and the actors were appreciated for their lively acting. 

The wait for the second sequel will we haunting the viewers, who had a great time by watching this series. Though there were mixed opinions on this series by the critics it has overcome those negative comments and has gained a great group of audience who are eagerly waiting for the sequel.

Season Release Date
Leave It to Geege Season 1 12 January 2022
Leave It to Geege Season 2 To be Announced
Leave It to Geege Season 2 release date
Leave It to Geege Season 2 release date

Leave It to Geege Season 2 story:

The first season of this show is all about Geege and her son Pootie. The end of the first season has a climax where Geege goes to meet the officials and let them know the difficulties that autistic children go through. She also plans on requesting some laws and policies that will apply to them.

The second season might have a plot that tells us about the struggles and difficulties that she undergoes in this process. Being an advocate, she also finds a way to sort down the difficulties that the autistic child and caretakers face with the help of officials.

LLeave It to Geege Season 2 Cast

The first season has the cast members like Geege Taylor, a twice-divorced mother of two. Harper Taylor, daughter of Geege, Pootie Taylor, 19years old child with autism. Tyler, Pootie’s caregiver, Puddin Harper Geege’s mother. We can expect that all these characters might remind of the same in season 2 as well.

As all these characters have a significant role to play, they might be retained if season 2 is in their plan to be shot and telecasted. Nicky Stanley, Cree west, Mary Francis Jones were some minor characters that appear in season one that may or may not appear in season 2.  All the major and minor cast members played their roles to their fullest capability and made the audience feel the emotions that they tried to convey.

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Leave It to Geege Season 2 cast
Leave It to Geege Season 2 cast

Where to watch Leave It to Geege Season 2 online?

Season one is also available in Amazon prime as well as in Lifetime. As Lifeline is restricted to some locations, we can use the Amazon prime subscription to watch this Humorous Melodrama that concentrates on the relationships in a family. It is a worthy show to watch by getting an Amazon Prime subscription. 

Leave It to Geege Season 2 Trailer.

It is not yet released but if released it would feed the audience who are awaiting it. Most of the viewers enjoyed it for the way of autism celebration that this series tries to convey to the world. Critics feel that this is a refreshing and novel concept that shows the practical and productive side of Autism. The scene where she conducts a drawing party for her son shows how proud she was as a mother of an autistic child. It also shows how she celebrated every aspect of her son and his talent.

Leave It to Geege Season 1 recap:

Gegee is a twice-divorced woman who is bold and independent. She is also a lawyer for Autism acceptance. She is also a strong woman who fought against a deadly disease, Breast cancer. She helps others get through the struggles they face while taking care of their autistic children.

She tries to educate them on different ways in which one can take care of an autistic child.  The way she takes care of her Nonverbal son is very emotional as well as an example for others. This series talks about the positive and negative aspects of taking care of an Autistic child. People usually talk about or consider the negative side of autism but this documentary talks about the charming side of autism.

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