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Is The Kashmir Files 18+ & Who is the villain referred to as in the Movie

Kashmiri files are a Hindi film theatrically released on 11 March 2022. It is scripted and directed by Vivek Agnihotri for the Zee Studios. Due to covid, the release date shifted from January to march. As covid cases started reducing the film, was a theatrical release. It talks about the Kashimi history and the fight between the Muslims and Hindus. it has faced many critically revolutionary as well as derogatory reviews. It was a box office hit; we can’t deny that fact though it has many haters. let’s know Is The Kashmir Files 18+ & Who is the villain referred to as in the Movie.

Is The Kashmir Files 18+

It can be considered as 18+ because the censor board of Newzeland has announced that people who belong to the age group of 16 and above can watch this movie because it contains scenes of attacks, bomb blasts, and 

harassment. This movie has received an 18+ censor from the British and Australian censor boards.

This movie is based on the genocide of many pandits in Kashmir. It also contains scenes like ripping of clothes of women and beheading and shooting many pandits in public places. These scenes are considered as scenes that children’s minds cannot process. So, many censor boards consider this movie to be for adults only.

Where to watch The Kashmir Files online?

As far now it is not released on OTT platforms. It is a theatrical release but we can expect it to release in OTT in the future. This film belongs to Zee studios, we can expect it to release in the Zee5 app or any other OTT platform. Already this movie has created a great controversy if it is released in OTT, then it can gain more views, and people can post their opinions about it.

The Kashmir Files cast

Brahma Dutt, Pushkar Nath Pandit, Krishna Pandit, Radhika Menon, Farooq Malik Bitta, Dr. Mahesh Kumar, DGP Hari Narain, Sharda Pandit, Afzal, Laxmi Dutt, Vishnu Ram, Shiva Pandit, and Karan Pandit are the characters present in the Kasmir files movie. The characters of the movie have done justice to their roles and they are hugely appreciated by the audience. 

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Is The Kashmir Files 18+
Is The Kashmir Files 18+

Who is the villain referred to as in the Movie?

Farooq Malik Bitta played by actor Chinamy Mandlekar is greatly appreciated by the fans. He is a militant and dresses as a military man and kills the pandits in Kashmir. He is the main villain in the film who calls himself a new-age Gandhi. Later he refuses when his act when Krishna pandit comes and confronts him. He has got armed training in state-sponsored terrorist camps and was involved in the 1990s exodus of Kashmir. And has killed more than 20 pandits during the evasion of pandits in the 1990s. 

Bitta was detented for this act and then he joined the Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (R). There, he worked and became its chairman. In 2019, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) arrested him again on charges of terror funding. There were several controversies related to this film and this villain. 

His character of him is portrayed to be crueler and more brutal. The characterization of other characters and Bitta is very different. He is characterized in a unique and different style.

Is The Kashmir Files a true story?
Is The Kashmir Files a true story?

Is The Kashmir Files a true story?

It comes under historical, action, thriller movies. Most of this movie is believed to be real, but some officials offend it and say that it is many false incidents in it. It has faced many controversies from the day the official news of this movie was announced. This plot takes place in a two-time frame one happens in the 1990s and the other one in 2020. 

The Kashmir Files Review

This movie has a unique style and plot which made this movie received by many people as well as faced many controversies. We are not sure whether this is completely a real-life incident but if it was then it shows that we have lost humanity a long time back now we are just running behind the caste and creed. It has both haters and followers that consider this movie as something historical and informative. Some consider it as just a source of entertainment. 

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