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Is hearstopper based on a true story?

Heartstopper is a British romantic drama TV series written by Alice Housman and directed by Euros lyn. Starring Kit Connor and Joe Locke in the main role, the story of the series mainly revolves around a gay schoolboy named Charlie spring who falls in love with his classmate Nick Nelson. Produced by the see-saw production company, the first season of the series comprised 8 episodes and was officially released on Netflix in the month of April, this year. But is heartstopper based on a true story? Let’s read Is heartstopper based on a true story.

Is heart-stopper based on a true story?

Not entirely based on a true stopper, the series is primarily inspired by real-life experience and portrays it in a fictionalized and dramatic manner. The show is actually based on Alice Housman’s eponymous novel, which is actually adapted into a TV show by the author himself. Ousman was actually inspired by her own life as a student in a grammar school meant for single-sex, situated in a conservative region of an English town, to conceive the very premise of the novel central narrative.

Is hearstopper based on a true story?
Is hearstopper based on a true story?

The lives and experiences of the students and people she encountered in her school became the foundation stones for the show itself. As per a report released in November 2020, gay, transgender, and bisexual students in English schools suffer from bullying due to the outdated mentality of homophobia and transphobia prevalent in the institution.

As an aromantic asexual personality, Ousman’s familiarity with the challenges faced by the LGBTQIA+ community motivated her to create ‘Heartstopper.’ Ousman’s real-life experiences which reflect in the novel and her show itself, make Charlie and Nick’s story gripping, interesting, and authentic.

As she mentioned in an interview, the narrative of the show addresses several alarming concerns and topics faced by the LGBTQIA+ community and throws light on the problems and struggles of these people in their day-to-day life.
While adapting the novel into a television series, Ousman expanded the storylines of such numerous characters to actually take advantage of the scope of the medium. In addition, she also excluded some of his characters while conceiving the central narrative of this show.

Is hearstopper based on a true story?
Is hearstopper based on a true story?

She tells that adapting her work to a television series was really a challenging experience for Ousman. She also stated that the efficient pacing of the story varied quite a bit from its original literal counterpart due to the difference in the mediums. While the problems could be resolved pretty much easily and immediately in the comics, the TV show comprises more angst and other issues to really flesh out a well-furnished script. Although, Ousman finally succeeded in transforming the soul of the comic into a TV show, incredibly.

Cast and characters of heartstopper

The lead roles are- Kit Connor as Nick, Joe Locke as Charles, William Gao as Tao Xu, Yasmin finny as Elle argent, Corinna Brown as Tara jones, and Kizzy Edgell as Darcy Olsson, Tobie Donovanas as Issac Henderson. While in the supporting cast are- Sebastian croft, Cormac hyde, Rhea Norwood, Fisayo Akinade, Chetna Pandya, Stephan fry, Olivia Colman, etc. The cast is absolutely fantastic for this beautiful TV show.

Where can we watch heartstopper?

You can watch this romantic drama series on the Netflix streaming platform. Just take a subscription and enjoy this series.

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