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Innocent Defendant Season 2 Release Date Announced?

Suppose you wake up one day and have lost your memory of the past few days or weeks, and everyone tells you that you have killed your loved ones. Imagine the terror you would feel. Such is the terror of the protagonist of the show Innocent Defendant. let’s know more about the Innocent Defendant Season 2 Release Date.

Innocent Defendant, also known commonly as The Defendant, is a South Korean Television Drama series. It has been iterated repeatedly that the years are ripe for Korean Dramas, also known very popularly as K-dramas. They have gained attention in the world and are not merely limited to South Korea anymore.

This show was also very popular because of the unique storyline, the apt portrayal of the same, and the mind-blowing acting by the actors who made the show come to life on the screen. The plot is complicated and challenging, so try not to miss any of the episodes of this gripping drama.

Every episode of this fantastic show drew viewers in and kept them wanting more. People loved Defendant for a variety of reasons, including the mystery, the plot, the riveting acting from the cast, and the unpredictability. Furthermore, Uhm Ki-Joon played a convincing villain we all hated who spoke for the justice he did to the character he was playing.

The show first premiered on the 23rd of January 2017 and aired until the 21st of March 2017. It had a total of eighteen episodes. There have been a lot of questions ever since it ended. Will the show come back for another season? Is the show canceled for good? There were questions raised because the first season finale was pretty conclusive, ended without any cliffhanger, and did not rush to conclusions. So, it was considered that the show might have ended altogether.

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Innocent Defendant Season 2 Release Date

Innocent Defendant Season 2 Release Date Announced
Innocent Defendant Season 2 Release Date Announced

The show came out more than five years ago. Most Korean dramas end in the first season only, and they never make a comeback with a second season. So, it is very likely that Innocent Defendant also does not come back. The finale was very apt and suitable for the way the show was going.

There might not be any story to take forward here, so it is best to assume. Moreover, the show has been over for more than five years, and there has been no news about the second season. However, the news of the cancellation is yet to be officially announced. But then a high chance that it will be a piece of disappointing news only.

Innocent Defendant Season 2 story

Innocent Defendant Season 2 Release Date Announced
Innocent Defendant Season 2 Release Date Announced

The show is about a convict on death row who has no memory of whether or not he has committed the crime he is accused of. Park Jung-woo used to be a top prosecutor in the office of the district prosecutor in Seoul. He suffers from Amnesia, so he does not remember if he has committed the crime.

He is very clueless about everything; he struggles to bring his reputation back and prove himself innocent. He wakes up with this realization, and he has no idea what happened in his past or what he could do in the present to prove his innocence. Even when he was struggling to regain his memories, he was sure that he had committed no crime and did not deserve to be a death row convict.

Towards the end of the first season, we see Jung Woo proven not to be guilty.

The story of season two could be anything since there is nothing to take forward from the first season.

Innocent Defendant Season 2 Cast

The cast was another reason for the extreme success of the show; they all did huge justice to the characters they played. The audience was able to connect with Park Jung’s acting, which depicts the pure emotions of being hopeless yet strong.

The protagonist, Park Jung Woo, is played by Ji Sung, who is convicted of a violent crime. Then we have Um Ki Joon as Cha Sun Ho, the president of the Chamyung group. Then we have Kwon Yu Ri in the role of a defense lawyer named Seo Eun Hye.

It is available on Netflix and Disney Plus Hostar.

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