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How did David Dahmer disappear?

Recent Netflix series on the very famous American cannibalistic serial killer, Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer, Monster: the Jeffrey Dahmer story, has been the talk of the hour. Dahmer was one of the most notorious killers of all. In the show, we are getting to see a more dramatized version of Jeffrey Dahmer’s story. It gives a very big insight into his childhood and how he lived with his parents and what sort of childhood he had. All these are providing a great insight into why he did what he did. The questions are huge, why did Dahmer do what he did, why did he resort to gruesome killings, why did he feel the need to do so and also why did he feel the need to eat them as well. The series has posed some very important questions and we are here to try to answer them all.

In around the third episode, we get to see, Jeffrey’s younger brother named David Dahmer. And then he just disappeared from the mainstream media.

Who was David Dahmer?

The series does not put a main focus on his parents or their individual lives and even his siblings. The show is primarily about Jeffrey Dahmer and his monstrous killings the brutalities he committed. however, in the third episode, we get to see Dahmer’s younger brother named David Dahmer. Then the show does not really show him any further. This can also be attributed to the fact that Jeffrey’s brother, David disappeared in real life as well. We do not know much about him. In the show we see, Jeff’s father, Mr. Lionel Dahmer and his stepmother Shari visiting him in the prison, however we do not see much of his younger brother David. He never even went to any of his court hearings or paid any visit whatsoever to him in the prison. This gave birth to a lot of questions. Why did David never really make any effort to see his older brother? Where did he disappear to? What was the cause of his disappearances?

David Dahmer was born seven years after the birth of Jeffrey Dahmer. He was born on the 18th of December in the year 1966. Initially, it is being reported that Jeffrey used to feel envious of his younger brother as he was mostly getting all the attention as he was a new born. It is also alleged that Jeffrey is the one who named his younger brother as David. They were also very different in their basic characters as per their father Lionel Dahmer. Lionel also reported that while Jeffrey was very shy and reserved and mostly kept to himself, David was more outgoing and extroverted.

In the third episode, we get to see David though not well. The episode shows the ensuing divorce between Jeffrey’s parents, Lionel and Joyce. His mom, Joyce, got the custody of David and Jeffrey chose to live with his father. This ensued a separation between the two boys as well.

Why did David Dahmer disappear from public eyes?

It is being said that he did this on purpose as he did not want to be known after the entire world got to know about the horrendous murders committed by his olde brother Jeffrey Dahmer. Most of the people got to know about Jeff by the year 1991, and so he chose to vanish.

David attended the university of Cincinnati, situated in Ohio, and graduated from their in the year 1991. He cut all his ties with his older mother, who was now a brutal murderer and also very well-known. He did not show up to any trials or any hearings for Jeffrey. He also never paid a visit to him in the prison either.

Unlike, their father Lionel Dahmer, Davis chose to be very low key and hidden. He never associated himself with the narrative at all.

He might be around at the age of fifty five today and the last update on his personal life was given by their step mother Shari, she said that David had changed his name as he did not want to be known as Jeffrey Dahmer’s brother at all. the family also decided to keep his identity secret to respect his wishes.

Where to watch Monster: the Jeffrey Dahmer story now?

The show is currently streaming on Netflix and can be enjoyed there.

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