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Hitman 4 Release Date Speculation?

Hitman is a popular stealth video game franchise that debuted in the gaming arena in the year 2000 with its first launch Hitman: Codename 47 and is developed by a Danish developer IO Interactive. Earlier the game was published by ‘Eidos Interactive’ and the ‘Square Enix’. Let’s know Hitman 4 Release Date.

But now ‘IO Interactive’ possesses the official copyright on the game franchise Hitman. Agent 47, a dangerous assassin is popularly known as Hitman is the main protagonist of the series. The video game is set in a semi-open world environment and explores the world of gangsters, criminals, and assassins.

The game is available on the platforms of Microsoft Windows, Playstation, Xbox, OS X, Linux, and Android. The game ‘Hitman 3’ is the latest release of the franchise which was recently launched in January 2021. Now, Gaming enthusiasts eagerly await the launch of ‘Hitman 4’ as the next release of the Hitman franchise. But, when is Hitman 4 going to be released? Let’s know.

Hitman 4 Release Date
Hitman 4 Release Date

Hitman 4 release date

Since its inception, the Hitman franchise has made it big in the world of digital gaming, releasing a set of worldwide popular hitman sequels and its side version of games. The assassin charm of Agent 47 is yet demanded with a refreshing concept of modern world gaming by the players.

Over the years, IO interactive has grown with the full-fledged copyright of the Hitman franchise. But, still, no official confirmation has been made for the release of Hitman 4 as the developers stated several reasons for the delay in the future projects resembling a much larger enterprise is in the making.

But, for sure Hitman 3 was not the end of this amazing series. There is a ton of potential to further push forward the saga of Hitman Universe. Still, after the last release of ‘Hitman 3’, agent 47 is on a long vacation, preparing for an unexpected comeback in the coming years.

Game = Release Date
Hitman 4 = 11 March 2016
Hitman 4 = 13 November 2018
Hitman 4 = 20 January 2021
Hitman 4 = To Be Announced
Hitman 4 Release Date
Hitman 4 Release Date
Hitman 4 Release Date

The Hitman narrative is an independent third-party perspective, owning to maintain the arc of the span of gaming. With a man as a genetically engineered artificial clone, who was invented to maintain peak human strength and absolute physicality, the game acquires a cold play, unsensible and a monotonous frame of the environment creating a mysterious suspicion all around the vision.

Thrashing his enemies and knocking them down badly, Agent 47 rules the reign of Hitman and is never bothered to enter the vigilante’s area of dominance making the gameplay an absolute thrill and action-packed sequence. But did Hitman 3’s ending actually tease the beginning of Hitman 4’s journey?

Hitman 4 Release Date
Hitman 4 Release Date

At the end of Hitman 3, Agent 47 seems to be betrayed by his long-time partner Diana burns wood to join hands with Arthur Edwards(The constant). But, it is a mere plan of Agent 47 to get The constant killed so that Diana can acquire his position. From here, the players have a choice to wipe his memory or kill him, having the same conclusion at the very end.

Lastly, Hitman is out of his role as a Murderer for hire and walks away. But his work is not over yet. A new chapter for Hitman 4 will definitely be released with a new phase in the journey of Agent 47-the skilled assassin. For now, Hitman 4’s release has been a long time.

IO Interactive is currently busy with the development of a new game namely ‘The James Bond project’, which will be its next launch. Furthermore, Hakan Abrak- the IO studio head addressed the need for doubling their number of employees from 200 to 400. It may due to the reason that they are primarily focusing on the James Bond game or trying to develop two games together at the same time including Hitman 4. Thus, in the after plans for the studio after Hitman3’s – The world of Assassins- trilogy, it is likely that Hitman 4 may get its official release in 2024 0r 2025.

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