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Gordita Chronicles: Will There Be A Season 2 Of It?

Gordita Chronicles Season 2 Release Date
Gordita Chronicles Season 2 Release Date

On the 23rd of June, the comedy-drama film Gordita chronicles, which was written and executively produced by Forestieri and directed by Eva Longoria, was brought up on HBO Max in the form of a comedy series. The series premiered on HBO Max. The series and the movie chronicle the life of Carlota “Cucu” Castelli (Olive Gonsalves), who is a very stubborn 12-year-old at the cusp of adolescence. She is also a Dominican immigrant and has a heart of gold. This is based on Forestieri’s life.

Will there be a second season? When will it be released? What about any official confirmation?

Gordita Chronicles Season 2 Release Date

Gordita Chronicles Season 2 Release Date
Gordita Chronicles Season 2

Towards the end of the first series, the urge to keep coming back to the family for all the simple pleasures arises.

We are hoping there will be another season as the ending of the first season was on a romantic cliffhanger. The show has still got a lot of work to do, and it has the potential to grow into something massive. But we do not have any official announcement yet, so we will have to wait and see for now.

SeasonsRelease Dates
Gordita Chronicles Season 1 Release Date23 June 2022
Gordita Chronicles Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Gordita Chronicles Season 2 Release Date

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Gordita Chronicles Season 2 Story

Gordita Chronicles Season 2 Release Date
Gordita Chronicles Season 2

Gordita Chronicles is set in the mid-’80s in Miami. However, it does not actually look like Miami then. Instead, it is primarily a turbocharged version of the mid 80’s Miami. It closely resembles the Miami from the 80s as it would be imagined by someone from the later years dripped with nostalgia; looking back from the future, decades later, it depicts all the neon colors, the graphic shapes, and the crimped hair. It does seem appropriate and justified, as it is essentially being narrated in the Wonder-years style. It is narrated by Dascha Polanco as an unseen older version of the lead actor of the show.

The show does not lack in the nostalgic pleasures it wanted to add to the show, and it is nostalgic as well as cheerful and wholesome at the same time. It is like any other family sitcom you might have grown up watching. And to its plotlines, which tend to unfold along well-worn beats grasping at tired themes. The winning cast — led by Olivia Goncalves as 12-year-old Cucu — and the sunny warmth among them keep it from becoming stale.

Our first meeting with the Castelli family is at their going-away party in Santo Domingo. They seem already well familiar with the appeal of the American dream. The father, Victor (Juan Javier Cardenas), is a marketing executive who rattles off the catchy American advertising slogans with a starry-eyed admiration. The mother, Adela (Diana Maria Riva), was bragging to her friends about this fancy pool that she just knew that they would soon be having.

However, inevitably the reality is definitely very much less glamorous. With Victor’s paychecks coming in smaller than expected and the family’s bills piling up, the Castelli’s eventually settle into a cozy apartment on the town’s lower-middle-class outskirts. Big sister Emilia (Savannah Nicole Ruiz) adapts like a fish to the all-American teen experience, attracting a cute boy and joining the Bubblegums — the junior high’s most popular girl clique — within days. Cucu, who was the life of the party in the Dominican Republic, will take a little longer to find her place in this new country America.

The show does not lose its balance throughout the ten episodes of the first season. It tells the whole story with an un-jaded, charming, and pretty direct approach. It is complemented by the brilliant performances by the child actors.

Goncalves is an excellent anchor, combining a childlike pique with a sense of how to deliver a punchline that belies her age. Cucu is a kid you think you might meet, but with all of the savviness the media age has given, tweens are stripped away. The show, ostensibly for the benefit of an Anglophone audience, has the family generally speak English at home (which somewhat deflates an episode in which Cucu is forced to learn English, which she has been speaking the entire time fluently).

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