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Don’t Breathe 3 Release Date Speculations?

Don’t Breathe is directed by Fede Alvarez and composed by Fede Alvarez and Rodo Sayagues. Fede Álvarez, Sam Raimi, and Robert Tapert produced the movie. It is a thriller movie with horror elements. This movie talks about the struggles faced by a Blind man when intruders come to his house. let’s know Don’t Breathe 3 Release Date Speculations.

It also discusses a father’s feelings and emotions after his daughter’s death. This movie has received a positive response from critics. The last two seasons were successful ones, so if the production house plans to release the third season, then it will also be a hit.

Don’t Breathe 3 Release Date

There is no news about the re-entry of Don’t Breathe season 3. We have to hold back our excitement for this movie until there is any official news about it. There are also talks going on about the release of the next season. Fede Alvarez is planning to start writing for the next sequel if he can finish it within 2023 then we can expect this movie’s next part to release at the end of 2023 or 2024.

The first part of this movie was released on 12th March 2016. The next part released after a break of almost five years on 13th August 2021. We can guess that this movie might release within the next few years unless like the other part.

This movie was a theatrical release, and it collected more than expected. People felt that this movie was of unique style when compared to the director’s previous movie Evil Dead.

Seasons Release Date
Don’t Breathe 1 12th March 2016
Don’t Breathe 2 13th August 2021
Don’t Breathe 3 2023 or 2024
Don’t Breathe 3 Release Date Speculations
Don't Breathe 3 Release Date Speculations
Don’t Breathe 3 Release Date Speculations

Don’t Breathe 3 Story

There is no official announcement about Don’t Breathe 3. So, we cannot assure the story of this season, but we can predict what the plot of Don’t Breathe season 3 would be from the previous seasons. 

In Don’t Breathe parts one and two the old blind man, Norman Nordstrom tries to bring back his daughter who was killed coincidently by Cindy Roberts. Norman Nordstrom tries impregnated Cindy Roberts and keeps her in his basement.

When the thieves invade him knowing that he is blind, he finds it out and kills all of them except Rocky. In his fight with the thieves, he mistakenly kills the pregnant Cindy Roberts. Then he artificially inseminates Rocky, but Alex beats Norman and rescues her. But later Alex is also killed and Norman is in hospital. When Rocky and her sister Diddy try to escape from the city they see the news of Norman, and the movie ends there. 

In the next part, Rocky might come back to take revenge on Norman or as he has inseminated her, he might get back his daughter for who he did all these. We can only predict what would be the next sequel, but it is up to the directors and writer’s imagination when it comes to the plot of the movie.

There are only rumors about the movie’s sequel and there is no confirmation if there is some information about this movie’s next part, then we will update it soon.

Don’t Breathe 3 Characters

Jane Levy as Roxanne / “Rocky”, as a Detroit thief who wants to escape to California for a better life with her sister Diddy. Stephen Lang as Norman Nordstrom, an old soldier of the Gulf War who was blinded by shrapnel. Dylan Minnette is featured as Alex, a Detroit thief who invades Norman’s house and Rocky’s friend. Daniel Zovatto as Money, another thief who accompanies Rocky. Franciska Törőcsik as Cindy Roberts who accidentally kills Phoenix. Madelyn Grace as Phoenix, Norman’s daughter. Emma Bercovici Appeared as Diddy, Rocky’s younger sister.

These are the major characters of this movie, but as most of them are dead we cannot expect the same cast to continue in the next season. As we don’t have any legal information about the next sequel, we cannot predict the new characters.

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Don't Breathe 3 Release Date Speculations
Don’t Breathe 3 Release Date Speculations

Where Can We Watch Don’t Breathe 3 Online?

Don’t breathe is available on Hulu and Netflix. Hulu is for American users and Netflix is for worldwide users. Clips of this movie are available on YouTube you can also watch that.

Don’t Breathe 3 Trailer

The trailer of the other two parts of this movie is available on YouTube so we can watch it from there. Once the next part is ready to release, we can watch the trailer a few months before the release date.

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