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Does Longmire Will Have Season Season 7 Release Date

The era is ripe for crime drama lovers. The online platforms are literally full of crime shows and more. One such very long-time-running show is Longmire. Longmire is a modern American Western crime drama television series. The show first premiered way back in 2012 on the 3rd of June and it has been here since then let’s know more about Do Longmire Will Have Season Season Seven.

The show was developed by John Coveny along with Hunt Baldwin on the A&E network. This series is based on a series of novels written by Craig Johnson named Walt Longmire Mysteries.

The show has had a total of six seasons as of now, with the sixth season had come out in 2017 on the 17th of November. The seventh season is literally one of the most awaited television shows as of yet. The fans have been waiting for it since the last season which is the sixth season came out, but unfortunately, there will be no seventh season as the show has been cancelled.

Longmire Season 7 Release date:

As we mentioned earlier, the show has been cancelled. Though it hurts a lot when your favourite show gets cancelled and discontinued after a long-running time as you grow an attachment to it and the cast and the characters of the show. But unfortunately, the shows do come to an end despite everything.

The tragedy with Longmire struck us twice, the show came to be seen in 2013 but was cancelled just after three seasons but then Netflix came to the rescue and there were three more seasons. But now the show has ended for good after Netflix helped us cheat death for a little while. One of the main reasons why the show was cancelled was because the viewership for Longmire had decreased a lot and not a lot of people were watching it.

Do Longmire Will Have Season Season Seven
Do Longmire Will Have Season Season Seven

The viewership kept declining season after season, the second season had a low viewership of around six million users per episode. Netflix before even releasing the sixth season had announced that it was going to be the last season of the series. It might be because the number of viewers kept dipping season after season or because it just ran out the course, which is reasonable as the show ran for quite a long time, for a total of four years.

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Longmire season seven story:

The series has been created by Hunt Baldwin and John Coveny and produced jointly by The Shepherd, Robin Company and Two Boomerang. The story is about a sheriff named Walt Longmire who is a sheriff in the fictional town of Absaroka County.

He along with his long-time friend named Henry Standing Bear and a Cheyenne work together to give insights to the tribal police when they have to deal with certain difficult cases. As the show progresses, they also get to deal with issues of gambling at various casinos and also helping the jurisdictional authority to protect people.

Though the narrative was well wrapped up well in the sixth season, the show was anyways a hit and successful.

In the last season we saw that his daughter Cady was very well accepted in the Cheyenne Tribe and then she also left the town last minute.

Do Longmire Will Have Season Season Seven
Do Longmire Will Have Season Season Seven

Longmire season seven cast and more:

The main cast includes Robert Taylor in the role of Walt Longmire who is the sheriff of the fictional town of Absaroka County where he has been the sheriff for a long time after his wife died. Then we have Katee Sackhoff who plays the role of Victoria Moretti, a deputy sheriff who also worked as a homicide detective in Philadelphia.

Then we have Lou Diamond Phillips who plays Longmire’s friend, a Cheyenne, named Henry Standing Bear. Then we have Adam Bartley who plays Jacob Nighthorse and Derek Philips played the role of Travis Murphy.

We have many more leading and supporting characters who all add collective beauty to the show.

Longmire season seven trailer:

The show was cancelled after six seasons which in my opinion was a good call to make as the show anyways had run its course. You can watch the trailers for the other seasons on Youtube.

Where to watch Longmire?

The show is there on Netflix.

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