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Darker than Black Season 3 Release Date Updates and More Information

Darker than Black Season 3 Release Date
Darker than Black Season 3 Release Date

Darker than Black is a very popular anime from the early 2000s. It was first announced in December 2006, and its first trailer was released in March 2007. Tensai Okamura created and directed this show. Darker Than Black is a fantastic supernatural thriller anime series with mystery elements that fans around the world adore. It follows Hei, a contractor who is also known as a black reaper in the underground world. Hei, like his colleagues, undertakes missions for the enigmatic and ruthless Syndicate.

Tensai Okamura directed and animated the anime TV series, which has had two seasons and four OVAs so far.

Darker than Black Season 3 Release Date

Darker than Black Season 3 Release Date
Darker than Black Season 3

So, for now, there are no official announcements or news about season three of Darker Than Black. It has been more than a decade since the last season that was second season of Darker Than Black came out. And now, even the fans have grown wary and extremely exhausted of waiting for the announcement for another season. Some rumors floated around last year on Reddit that there might be a new release that would come on the show’s 10th anniversary or something, but as it turns out they were just rumors.

Now, we can hope and only hope that if the anime ever comes back or is thinking of returning back, it might be in the 15th anniversary of the series, that is in 2025. However, there is also this aspect of truth to consider that the story of the series Darker Than Black has already ended, and has reached its conclusion, so there might not be a third season altogether. Still, we might also keep our doors open for some new characters and their stories as such. The series is quite popular too, given that the fans still sit around and wait for its third season when the show ended more than 10 years back, it is proof that there might be another comeback and we might get to meet Hei and the others too.

With the introduction of new characters in Season 3, the story’s tone could shift. However, there are no loose ends in the plot, making it difficult to predict where the third season will go.

Name of the ShowDarker than Black
Season NumberSeason 3
GenreMystery, Sci-Fi, Supernatural
Darker than Black Season 1 Release Date 5 April 2007
Darker than Black Season 3 Release Date Not Announced Yet
Darker than Black Season 3 Overview

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About Darker Than Black

Darker than Black (Japanese 黒の契約者) is a Japanese anime television series that was created and directed by Tensai Okamura. Studio Bones undertook the animation. The anime first aired on the 6th of April 2007, and then it ended on the 29th of September 2007 itself. There were a total of twenty-five episodes, and it was broadcasted on MBS, TBS, and their more affiliated stations from April to September 2007. The series is set in a world where there is a spatial anomaly which is referred to as “Heaven’s Gate” it first appeared in South America and was then followed by another such spatial anomaly called “Hell’s gate” in Tokyo. This altered the sky and wreaked havoc on the conjoined landscapes. Some people had some special abilities, and they were labeled as “Contractors”, they started emerging a bit afterward all this happened. The series follows an agent named Hei and his comrades who all work in the Syndicate organization, which operates in an enormously altered contemporary Tokyo. This organization works to uncover the mysteries of Hell’s gate.

The manga adaptations of the series were serialized in Kadokawa Shoten’s Monthly Asuka and Square Enix’s Young Gangan, respectively. Darker than Black: Gemini of the Meteor, a sequel to the anime series, aired twelve episodes from October to December 2009. Hei trains new Contractor Suo Pavlichenko and searches for his former ally Yin in the sequel. Original video animations titled Darker than Black: Gaiden explored Hei and Yin’s relationship between the first and second seasons on the series DVDs. Okamura created the series after being inspired by ninja and spy stories while working on Wolf’s Rain.

In contrast to the heroic cast of Wolf’s Rain, Okamura desired flawed and violent heroes such as the Contractors. While Okamura wrote most of the series’ content, he delegated authority to other writers, most notably Shtar Suga, who took over as the primary writer in the second half. Darker than Black received generally positive reviews for handling Hei and the other Contractors who fight each other, though there was some confusion about the setting and end.

Darker Than Black Season 1 Story

Darker than Black Season 3 Release Date
Darker than Black Season 3

The plot was set in a time ten years ago, the time when the events start happening, the events such as a spatial anomaly which later on comes to be known as “Heaven’s Gate” that appears in South America. Later, it was followed by the opening of another such thing called “Hell’s Gate” in Tokyo. Both these things just altered the sky and wreaked havoc on the landscape. Here, “Contractors” are people with special abilities; they are capable of supernatural feats and all; they also emerged along with all the sky alteration. This all was kept secret from the public; the contractors used to murder people in cold blood and block their emotions with lots of rationality. Their powers are obtained at the expense of their humanity, and their name comes from the requirement to “pay the price” each time their powers are used. These contractors are trained and also used as spies and assassins by various nations and organizations all over the world; this all results in violent battles for valuable objects and information.

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Following the ‘Heaven’s War,’ the United States somehow lost its position as a superpower to the Syndicate, a mysterious organization. Darker Than Black follows “Hei,” a Chinese Contractor, as he undertakes espionage and assassination missions in Tokyo for the Syndicate. Later on, Hei is assisted by Yin, an artificial human named Doll, and Mao, a Contractor trapped in a cat’s body and overseen by former police officer Huang in his false civilian life, where he is known as a shy student under the alias Li Shenshun. The series also follows a villain-of-the-week format, with a cast of characters ranging from a Japanese Public Security Bureau that oversees the activities of dangerous people with supernatural abilities to a Japanese Public Security Bureau that oversees the activities of dangerous people with supernatural powers. Hei is revealed early in the series as a former Heaven’s Warfighter looking for his missing sister Bai; he believes that a woman known as Amber is responsible for Bai’s disappearance after escaping from the Syndicate. Amber is seen as leading Evening Primerose which is a group of contractors that are being targeted by the Syndicate, by labeling them as terrorists. Another group, andora, investigates Hell’s Gate; the Syndicate attacks Hell’s Gate with Pandora and its Saturn Ring weapon, annihilating the Contractors. As a result, multiple Syndicate agents target Huang, who eventually commits suicide. Hei and Yin run into Amber, while Mao flees. Hei is later on revealed to be an ordinary human who was just able to become someone who could use Bai’s power after his sister used her powers to place his body onto his flesh. All Contractors except Hei are killed when Saturn Ring is activated. Hei has a vision in which he meets Bai and decides to turn against the Syndicate.

Later on, Hei and Yin escape the Syndicate.

Darker than Black Season 2 Story

Darker Than Black had a season two that came in 2009, more than a decade back, and since then there has been no news about any renewal or anything about the series return. The second season was called Darker Than Black: Gemini of the Meteor, this season was also directed by Tensai Okamura and was produced by the Bones Studio. It was a sequel to the Darker than Black series that came out in 2007. This sequel follows a young Eurasian girl named Suo Pavlichenko, her life is completely changed after there is a terrifying accident that also involves a meteor shower, and her encounter with the assassin Hei, who is looking for her twin, Shion, and his missing partner Yin.

Is Darker than Black Worth Watching?

Do you ever try to figure out why you like a show and then become dissatisfied with the answers you get? Not because the reasons themselves are insufficient but because they don’t seem to be what typically justifies praise in narrative mediums.

One famous school of thought believes that narrative and writing are at the heart of what makes a good story. However, it is only the most common reason that people universally agree on the quality of a story, in my opinion. Visual mediums are the most meaningful to me when the end result is a culmination of effective writing, visuals and especially music; visual mediums are the most meaningful to me.

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