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Christmas Flow Season 2 Release Date Around the Corner!

Christmas Flow Season 2. This Show is a French television series that premiered on Netflix on 17 November 2021. It is created by Henri Debeurme, Marianne Levy, and Victor Rodenbach. It is a musical romantic comedy and stars Tayc, Shirine Boutella, and Marion Seclin as Marcus, Lila, and Alice respectively.

It is not a very long series and consists of three episodes with each of them having an approximate running time of 47-54 minutes on average. The series is about an unlikely romance that brews up between a rapper and a determined and perseverant journalist.

Christmas Flow Season 2
Christmas Flow Season 2

The story depicts their journey of whether they will be able to make it to the end despite having so many differences between them. A series based around the festival or season of Christmas is a delight to watch as one also gets to experience the aura it surrounds and the merriness it brings in peoples’ lives.

A light-hearted show with lots of music focusing on the lives of two different individuals, their profession, and the way they look at life. Along, with showing the gradual blossoming of love between the two, it equally focuses on both their families. One of the enjoyable series to watch at Christmas or even otherwise when one’s getting bored and sitting idle.  

Christmas Flow Season 2 Release Date

Christmas Flow Season 2 Release Date

After a successful run of the first season, the season is up for its next season. However, there is no official announcement yet as of now, the production might begin with the shoot soon and is expected to go on air in the latter part of this year.

The delay might be because of the current situation keeping in mind the pandemic and the ever-growing cases. Since the story left many of the mysteries unsolved, it might return on-screen unraveling and bringing the open ends all to a perfect closure.

With that said, it can be expected to release in the last part of the year very soon. For those who have forgotten what really happened in the first season, don’t worry. Fortunately, the series will be aired on television as a review for the upcoming season and the audiences can get a recap for themselves.

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Christmas Flow season 2 Plot

What’s up with the coming season is that we may expect the characters to reprise their roles and the story might uncover the mysteries it left unsolved. It might focus on what made Marcus have such a personality that he had. It might also focus more on the family issues and the evolving love story of the duo despite so many differences between them.

Christmas Flow season 2 Plot

Recap of the Christmas Flow Season One

The story begins by introducing the characters and the relationship they share on a professional front. On one hand is Marcus, a hip-hop rapper who is seen as insulting and inciting violence against women. This lands Marcus’s career in a mess and he needs to figure out something to come back with a bang.

On the other hand, is Lila is a hardcore feminist in her ideology, a journalist by profession, and a fearless woman. It sees the journey of two star-crossed lovers who slowly grow to love each other. After, all the mess created by Marcus, he is hell-bent to rework his reputation by hook or by crook. He meets Lila and thinks of using her to get his image cleaned but in vain.

Recap of the Christmas Flow Season One

He thinks of releasing a Christmas album and giving fines to his lyrics. Lila who is an activist is seen helping Marcus even though he undermines the women’s authority and has a lot to say about them. Both of them seem to compromise on their principles and gradually develop feelings for each other. Though, a not-so-typical series, it fails to take in its ambit the storyline with which it begins.

It also mixes the important discusses and debates around some socially relevant topics and the love both have for each other. It does not really focus much on their love story but is more aligned towards making families work together and stay. Though, a really different concept it entails, it does not adequately address the plot. It deviates and confuses the viewers.

Nevertheless, it continues to keep the audience engaged till the very end with suspense about what will happen next. Both the leads continue to interest the viewers with the ever-changing priorities. The story explores the journey of Lila helps Marcus in bringing a change about its perspective and the way he looks at the world in general and women in specific.

Christmas Flow Trailer

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