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Carlo and Malik Season 2 Release Date and Plot Speculation?

Carlo and Malik Season 2 Plot Speculation? Carlo and Malik is an Italian television series that was aired on 19 October 2018 and is still continuing. It is a crime drama series that stars Claudio Amendola, Miguel Gobbo Diaz and Fortunato Cerlino as Carlo Guerrieri, Malik Soprani and Mario Muzo respectively. Carlo Guerrieri is a well-liked inspector; Malik is a deputy inspector and Mario is a chief superintendent.

The series has been shot in Rome in some of the best locations, has some eye-catching glimpses, and is a treat to watch. It has been created by Giampaolo Simi and Vittorino Testa. Marco Pontecorvo has directed this and has currently two seasons. Both the seasons have 12 episodes each with an approximate running time of sixty minutes per episode.

Carlo and Malik Season 1 Recap

Carlo and Malik Season 2 Plot Speculation?
Carlo and Malik Season 2 Plot Speculation?

Carlo is a well-determined and hardworking police officer who is very protective of his daughter whom he has raised alone. He is a resolute man and can bend rules which is why he is not so popular among his seniors. His life is flanked with the entry of Malik, the deputy inspector. Malik is also well educated and ambitious which is why they get along but Carlo’s daughter soon starts to fall for Malik which irks him. The team is complete and led by Mario who is the chief superintendent.

Thus, the series is a perfect mix of crime, drama, and lots of action to watch all at the same time. The ensemble cast and crew have done a good with the execution and direction of the plot and a storyline that keeps the viewers glued to their screens.

Carlo and Malik season 1 response

Carlo and Malik Season 2 Plot

The season of the series was well received by the audience since its release. The viewers really loved the bond Carlo and Malik shared on screen while trying to solve and investigate cases. Their personalities and the aura they carry around is something are like the cherry on the cake. After the blockbuster success of season one, the season was announced and was soon released.

The season is also twelve episodes long with an approximate running time of fifty minutes.

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Carlo and Malik Season 2 Plot

But the second season is available only in Italy. But it doesn’t mean that it will not be available for others to watch but till then we do have some snapshots and spoilers about what the story is going to be like. The next season will see Carlo and Malik again coming together to solve as a team to investigate the crimes in the locality.

The cases are going to be more interesting and the bond between Carlo and Malik is also going to go strong as it moves ahead. There are also going to be action scenes and the approach of solving cases will wow the audience. Though official announcement from Netflix is still awaited, there is a furor among the viewers and it may speed up the release. It is also expected that season three of the season will also be released owing to its huge success and demand among the viewers.

Season one of the television series begins with the introduction of the veteran cop Carlo and is soon teamed up with a novice and just graduated Malik who gets deployed there as a deputy inspector. Carlo who has his own style of investigating takes time to get along with Malik.

Carlo and Malik Season Conclusion

Carlo and Malik Season Conclusion!

It is seen that gradually the two of them start to understand each other with each case they solve together. This crime series is then set to explore the individual crimes that take place and how the two of them and their teams try to investigate with the utmost vigor. Along with solving crimes, both Carlo and Malik also struggle to maintain balance in their personal lives as well. The music and structure are so designed that it sets the mood for the scenes to occur and thrill the audiences’ watching the same.

Both of them also have to face their biases and work together as a team. The drama also sees how the politicians are in a position to manipulate the system and the common man in order to fill their coffins. It also brings to light the socially conscious issues and subtly brings out how these are ingrained within the society that they get overlooked. It has a wider viewership owing to its familiar and very relatable contexts and storyline. The story is well-structured and the plot is also full of suspense. We also get to see some snapshots of personal grievances and romantic moments between some action-packed performances by the cast and characters. 

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