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Black Lightning season 5 release date speculation?

Black lighting, the name itself, tells us the whole story. It is a DC series that premiered on the CW television network. Yes, your guess is correct, this is a superhero series. The plot mainly focuses on Jefferson Pierce, a black superhero who helps the city get rid of its villains. Let’s know more about Black Lightning season 5 release date.

Black Lightning season 5 release date 

If you are a fan of Black lightning, then I have bad news for you, there is no season 5 in Black lightning. The CW announced that the fourth season will be the final season of Black Lightning in 2020. Why bother about things that are not going to happen, let us discuss the other seasons of Black lighting. 

The first season was released on January 16, 2018, and concluded on April 17, 2018. Followed by the next season released on October 9, 2018, and ended on March 18, 2019. Next, the third season aired live from October 7, 2019, to March 9, 2020. The final season was released on February 8, 2021, and will end on May 24, 2021. 

All the seasons were received well by its fans but; some seasons received fewer ratings and views. 

Seasons Release Date
Black Lightning Season 1 January 16, 2018
Black Lightning Season 2 April 17, 2018
Black Lightning Season 3 October 9, 2018
Black Lightning Season 4 March 9, 2020
Black Lightning Season 5 February 8, 2021
Black Lightning season 5 release date 
Black Lightning season 5 release date 
Black Lightning season 5 release date 

Black Lightning Season 5 story

There is no official word about Black Lightning season 5. In fact, there is no season 5 in Black lighting. But expect the unexpected because if CW and DC decide to do the next sequel on this fantasy fiction. 

Maybe we can guess what will happen in season 5 is released. It might be the same plotline that our superhero Jefferson will try to save the city from the supervillain. Now we don’t have Tobias as he is dead in the last season there might be an introduction of new characters and new superpowers associated with them.

Black Lightning Season 5 cast

As we know there is no Black Lightning Season 5. So we cannot guess the characters that will appear in it but we can cherish our favorite superheroes that we loved watching the past season. 

Cress Williams as Jefferson Pierce / Black Lightning, China Anne McClain, and Laura Kariuki and Jennifer Pierce / Lightning, Nafessa Williams as Anissa Pierce / Thunder / Blackbird, Christine Adams as Lynn Stewart, Marvin “Krondon” Jones III as Tobias Whale, Damon Gupton as Bill Henderson, James Remar as Peter Gambi, Jordan Calloway as Khalil Payne / Painkiller, Chantal Thuy as Grace Choi. These are some of the superheroes that robbed our hearts in the previous seasons.

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Black Lightning Season 5 cast
Black Lightning Season 5 cast

Where can we watch Black Lightning Season 5 online?

We can satisfy our amusement for Superheroes by watching this on Netflix, DIRECTV. Netflix is providing us with a lot of series in different genres. Black Lighting is another series that will cater to the need of the child inside us and also explore various scientific concepts in it. It is an exciting thing that we can rewatch and watch so many times wherever we are from.

Black Lightning Season 5 Trailer

There is no official word from the CW network about Black Lightning season 5. But the other season’s trailer has received a great response and reviews. If Season 5 is going to release then it will cross all the records of other seasons. 

Synopsis of Black Lightning Seasons

Jefferson Pierce, the principal of Garfield High School has retired as a superhero in the city of Freeland, Georgia. But, he is asked to come again to defeat Tobias Whale. In the final season, Jefferson is trapped in a coffin but; he gets out of it with his superpower. After that, Tobias is defeated and killed by Jefferson. And his daughter Grace Choi becomes the next superhero. Finally, Jefferson and Lynn reunite. 

Black Lightning Review

This series has received a mix of reviews where some liked it and some disliked it. It also concerns the social concepts of racism and social problems. Some critics are encouraging such kind of series that amuse and make people think at the same time. Black Lightning has various genres like Fantasy, crime, thriller, romance, superheroes, and social justice. Even adults enjoyed watching this DC series, and they were excited for the release of the next sequels. 

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