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Best Anime Voice Actors Listed Here

Anime is probably one of the most addictive things out there. Watching anime is definitely preferred by not only kids but even teenagers and adults now, who like to engage with the Japanese culture, and want to indulge in the perfect cinematography for anime. Anime aptly captures the Japanese essence, and it effectively shows the Japanese culture, as well as the landscapes used, are inspired by the fundamental Japanese infrastructures, as in the movie Kimi no Nawa. Whatever reasons we end up having for watching it is undoubtedly a significant fact that anime has the fans out there in its clutches.  

Well talking about anime, we all know that our favorite characters’ voices are all dubbed by various voice actors, and these voice actors are called “Seiyuu” in Japanese. Being a Seiyuu is a difficult job indeed. Remember how Kira laughed in Death Note? Yes, we remember it vividly, thanks to the voice actor for it. We even remember Levi Heichou’s authoritative voice, don’t we? Now let us talk about some of the voice actors who have made our anime phase very memorable.

Mamuro Miyano

Best Anime Voice Actors
Mamuro Miyano

He is the voice and the reason behind Light Yagami’s famous Kira laugh. All the death note enjoyers got goosebumps at that moment. The man who made it possible is none other than Mamuro Miyano. He is famous for his Light Yagami dub; he started his career in 1990 as a voice actor and further as a pop and rock singer in 2007. He received “best musical performance” in the sixth and the eighth Seiyuu awards. He is one of the most widely acclaimed voice actors in Japan.

Some of his well-known works are- Light Yagami in Death Note and Okabe Rintarou in Steins.

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  • Hiroshi Kamiya

Remember Levi’s “Kennyyyyyyyyyy”? Well, the credit goes to Hiroshi Kamiya. He was born on January 28, 1975, in Matsudo, Chiba. Hiroshi has quite an authoritative voice, which suits his fantastic persona characters like Akashi and our favourite Levi. He won the “best lead actor” and “best personality” awards at the third Seiyuu awards. He also received the: best-supporting actor” at the second seiyuu awards. He had been the most popular seiyuu for four consecutive years in Afachan Asia, in 2015.

Some of his best works are- Yato from Noragami, Akashi from Kuroko no Basket, Hiroomi Souma from Working, Takashi Natsume from Natsume Yujin Cho, and so many more.

  • Daisuke Ono

He has one of the sexiest and hottest voices in the history of anime voices dub. He is prominent for his role as “one hell of a butler” as Sebastian Michaelis. He was awarded the best voice actor award during the fourth seiyuu awards, and he also won the best personality award along with Kamiya in 2015 during Afachan Asia.

Some of his works are- Shizou Heiwajima in Durarara, Jun Sato from Working, Kou Ichijou from Persona 4, Subaru Asahina from Brother’s conflict, and so many more.

  • Yuki Kaji

Now, who remembers Eren Jaeger’s TATAKE? I am pretty sure we screamed Me in unison. Yuki Kaji is a veteran voice actor; he has been working as a seiyuu since 2004. He is the man behind Eren’s distinctive scream.

He won the “Best new actor” award in the third seiyuu awards in the year 2009. He has been awarded the “Best male lead role award” for two consecutive years in the 7th and 8th Seiyuu awards.

Some of his works are- Yukine from Noragami, Shu Maiko from Nisekoi, Ayato Kirishima from Tokyo Ghoul, Finnian from Kuroshitsuji, and of course Eren from Shingeki no Kyojin.

  • Kenichi Suzumura

Kenichi Suzumura is a voice actor known for his jolly, lively, childish, and cheerful roles, such as Momo from Free! and Lavi from D-Gray Man. He was born on September 12, 1974, in Niigata Prefecture. Fans and fellow seiyuu refer to him as Suzuken. He is a member of the Nazo no Shin Unit Starmen group, which also includes Junichi Suwabe, Daisuke Kishio, Hiroki Takahashi, Hiroyuki Yoshino, Makoto Yasumura, and Kosuke Toriumi. He is married to Maaya Sakamoto, another voice actress.

Some of his other works include- Mikoshiba Momotaro from Free, Masato Hijirikawa from Uta no prince sama, Rogue Cheney from Fairy Tail, Okita Sougo from Gintama, and many more.

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  • Kana Hanazawa

She is the first person on this list of voice actors who is a female. She is one of the most popular female voice actresses in the Seiyuu industry. Even though she joined there relatively recently, in 2012, she has still managed to make a big name for herself. And she has voiced a lot many characters. She has also been hard at work on some upcoming projects. Among these projects, many fans have been looking forward to hearing him voice the character Mitsuri Kanroji from Demon Slayer.

Some of her works include-  Akane Tsunemori from Psycho-Pass, Lucy Maud Montgomery from Bungou Stray Dogs, Mayuri Shiina from Steins; Gate, and Rize Kamishiro from the Tokyo Ghoul series.

  • Ayane Sakura

Now, she is the next famous voice actress. She is best known for her role as Ochako Uraraka in My Hero Academia. Not only that, but she has also provided the voice for one of the most reviled characters in recent memory, Gabi Braun from Attack on Titan.

Some of her other works are- Nao Tomori from Charlotte, Yotsuba Nakano from 5-toubun no Hanayome, Iroha Isshiki from Oregairu, Nero or Secre Swallowtail from Black Clover, and Tsubaki Sawabe from Your Lie in April are some of the other characters she has voiced.

  • Saori Hayami

She is a Japanese singer and a voice actress. She is signed to the company Warner Bros and to home entertainment Japan as a singer. At the 10th Seiyu Awards, Hayami was named Best Supporting Actress. Some of her notable voice roles include Yukino Yukinoshita in My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong, As I Expected, Yumeko Jabami in Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler, Miyuki Shiba in The Irregular at Magic High School, and Yumeko Jabami in Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler. Her other works include Himawari Uzumaki in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, Shoko Nishimiya in A Silent Voice, Ushiwakamaru in Fate/Grand Order, and Shinobu Kochou in Demon Slayer.

  • Kenta Miyake

Kenta Miyake, born August 23, 1977, in Okinawa Prefecture, is a Japanese voice actor and narrator who works for 81 Produce. Miyake dreamed of becoming a voice actor as a teenager in the hopes of meeting and working with an actress he admired. After graduating from the Amusement Media Research Institute, he joined the talent agency 81 Produce. In My Hero Academia, he played All Might, Cocytus in Overlord, and Mike in Attack on Titan.

Nobuhiko Okamoto

Nobuhiko Okamoto

Nobohiko Okamoto is another famous and well-known Japanese voice actor and singer as well. He is a part of the pro-fit organization. He was termed as the “best new actor” at the third Seiyuu awards, and then further at the fifth Seiyuu awards, he was named the Best Supporting Actor.

Nobuhiko has often said that he has always admired Slam Dunk and that the character Rukawa was so awesome and fulfilling that he wished he would be able to become like him. He has voiced various characters such as Y Nishinoya in Haikyu!!, Katsuki Bakugo in My Hero Academia, Ghiaccio in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Karma Akabane in Assassination Classroom, and Isaac “Zack” Foster in Angels of Death.

This is in no way meant to be an exhaustive list, and these voice actors are not ranked according to their capabilities. The numbers are just for better spatial purposes.

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