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Battlefish Season 2 Release Date Latest Details!

When it comes to the shows on Netflix, the OTT streaming platform keeps cancelling shows. many a time, the fans get very hooked on one show, and then soon enough they realize that Netflix has cancelled their favourite show. That is a big bummer. We all have been there, when after a show ends; we keep waiting for any news or announcement on whether it is going to be renewed or not.

Battlefish is such a show. It is an American reality television show, it essentially follows several fishing boats as they search the entire Pacific Ocean for a fish specie called Albacore Tuna.

The first season premiered on Netflix on the 21st of September, way back in 2018, almost four years ago. It contained a total of eight episodes, with each episode being around 38 to 46 minutes. The show was produced by the Pilgrim Media Group.

The series documented the lives of five fishing crews as they coasted along the coasts of Washington and Oregon during the fishing season of 2017.

Battlefish Season 2 Release Date

Battlefish Season 2 Release Date

Season one of the reality television show, Battlefish had an amazing rating of 7.1 out of 10 on IMDB. It received a very positive reaction from the audience as well. After season one ended it was naturally an expectation from the fans’ sides for season two of it. it is still a case of maybe.

Unlike network and cable shows, which have publicly available Nielson ratings, Netflix does not disclose how many people are watching or have watched their shows and movies. As a result, determining which series are doing well and which are flops can be difficult. Furthermore, Netflix also most of the time does not rely on viewership or critical viewers to renew its shows. There were rumours that the show was set to be coming back sometime in 2022, but this was never officially confirmed by the makers or by Netflix itself.

Name Of The ShowBattlefish
Season NumberSeason 2
GenreReality Show
Battlefish Season 1 Release Date21 September, 2018
Battlefish Season 2 Release DateNot Announced

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Battlefish Season 2 Cast

The show was produced by the executive producers’ Mike Nichols and Craig Piligan. The cast of the first season included Bill Captain from Judy’s, Aaron Captain of Oppor-Tuna-ty, Captain Justin, Judy S, Karl captain of TNT and Ashley Nicole.

We are still clueless as to who all will be included in this season. Whether some new members will be cast or the ones from the previous season will carry on this season as well. That all will become clearer when the show actually gets some official confirmation.

Battlefish Season 2 Story

Battlefish Season 2 Release Date

Thrill and adventure that comprises some amount of nervousness and excitement is a very necessary and craved part of one’s life. We all like to do adventurous things. This series brings all that onto the screen. The series is about fishing crews. A reality fishing show in the style of Deadliest Catch about a professional fishing crew that hunts albacore tuna off the northwest coast of the United States.

We can still suggest you some series until this one gets renewed. Some series to be watched are- Hardliners, Monster Fish, Lindners Fishing Edge etc. The plot revolves around a crew competing to catch more fish. Fishing is not an easy task; you must concentrate like an eagle. During the fishing season, they travel along the coasts of Washington and Oregon in search of albacore tuna.

The series is interesting because you will see various techniques for catching the Fish before your opponent does. They are all ensuring that their relationships do not suffer as a result of the competition. It is difficult to survive in a place where they must manage many things at the same time. Finally, the person with the most fish will be crowned the winner of this competition.

Since the concept is going to be the same, season two when and if it happens, will have the same plot, maybe with new people.

For now, we just have to wait for the announcement.

Journalist Lucas Shaw explains in a Bloomberg article that shows like Nailed It!, with their modest prize money, small cast, and on-set filming, are the ideal economical choices to bring back for multiple seasons. So, how much would another season of Battlefish cost? Since the Tre-Fin boys are already out fishing, it appears that all Netflix would need to do is pay the stars and the camera crew to follow them around in their daily lives. However, if Netflix begins, say, footing the bill for expensive fishing boats, Battlefish may be priced out of a second season.

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