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AXL Part 2 Release Date Is Confirmed?

AXL Part 2 Release Date
AXL Part 2 Release Date

The fans all over are wondering if the movie A.X.L part two will be released anytime soon or not. A.X.L is an adventurous science fiction movie that came way back on the 24th of August 2018. It had a duration of a total of ninety-eight minutes. It was directed by Oliver Daly. It starred Becky G, Alex Neustaedter, Dominic Rains, and Thomas Jane.

It is the story of a teenage boy who once randomly encounters a robotic dog which was created by a cutting edge military technology. The movie was released by Global Road Entertainment, and it received a lot of unfavorable and negative reviews from the critics. It was also a flop on the box office. It grossed only $8.5 million and it had a budget of $10 million. The ratings on various platforms show that the films did not perform well with the audience. The film has a 5.3/10 rating on IMDB, but only a 26% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. A bit better, the film has received at least 63 percent approval from Google users.

AXL Part 2 Release Date

The way the first movie, ended, showed that it had the potential for a sequel, the scenes showed some prospects for the next part as well, but it would not be too surprising if the movie does not have a sequel and ends there itself. The movie really underperformed at the box office. And it was critically reviewed in a very negative light too. Till now there is no confirmation on part 2.

Name of the MovieAXL
Part NumberPart 2
GenreSci-Fi, Adventure
AXL Part 1 Release Date24 August 2018
AXL Part 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet
AXL Part 2 Overview

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AXL Part 1 Recap

The film A-X-L begins with A-X-L, which is a robotic mechanical dog, that was created by Andric, a scientist affiliated with Craine Systems, which also manufactured A-X-L. A-X-L is the most efficient, smooth, and far ahead of its time type of discovery. It has advanced artificial intelligence that is futuristic in its nature (Al). The Craine System scientists have given the discovery the code name A-X-L, which stands for A (Attack), X (eXploration) and then lastly, L. (Logistics). While the military was causing chaos, the military wanted to get their hands on the discovery of A-X-L and own it as soon as possible. The military wanted A-X-L to be brought under their control, citing it as the most dangerous and severe threat to humanity, but that was just a hypocritical stance of theirs.

Meanwhile, some operations went wrong with A-X-L, and as a result, it fled into the desert. One day, he is discovered by our very good protagonist Miles in poor condition, all alone and resting around A-X-L, which he brings back with him. Having a companion, A-X-L creates a deep bond with Miles, who turns on the technology function of an owner with their pair.

Miles stealing A-X-L and activating the function prompted Craine System scientists to reclaim A-X-L, effectively capturing A-X-L. A-X-L can go against anyone and break any protocol to save his master Miles, and it can even fight and kill its creators. Knowing that A-X-L has been kidnapped by Craine System scientists, Miles sets out to find a way to get A-X-L back. He’s collaborating with his partner and a handy-to-go girl named Sara Reyes to bring back his beloved A-X-L. Our protagonist Miles’ father is Chuck. Chuck, after learning of Sara and Miles’ plan to save A-X-L, suggests that they return A-X-L to its true original owners. Meanwhile, Sam and his crew have severely damaged and burned A-X-L. When A-X-L reveals the location to Miles and Sara, they immediately take action to protect and save A-X-L. Where Chuck meets a guy or an agent sent by none other than the creator of A-X-L, Andric.

Where to Watch AXL Part 2 Online?

Chuck discovers the man’s identity and learns about the men attempting to locate A-X-L. While Sara and Miles went to repair the damage to A-X-L. Finally, Miles and Sara will be admitted to their dream university. The story then continues from here, we have no news or any official confirmation on whether there will be a sequel to this.

The movie can be watched on Youtube, Amazon Prime and Netflix.

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