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Nishita Sharma
Nishita Sharma

My love for cinema started at a very young age, and it has been exponentially growing. From Wong Kar Wai's portrayal of love and grief to David Fincher's portrayal of important human experiences in a nuanced manner, I love them all. I also indulge in animated movies from time to time as well. For me, Cinema is an exquisite experience, and I try to pour it on paper too.

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Prakriti Mahato

I have been fond of reading storybooks since I was very young. Gradually, from there, I found the inspiration to write. I also love to watch movies, anime, and television shows. My hobby of writing is very old and I could not devote much time to it because of the pressure of studying so far. After schooling, I got ample time and an opportunity where both interests in my life have received abundance to be fulfilled. Hello, I am Prakriti Mahato, currently pursuing graduation in English Honours and writing about movies, anime, and web series, and their detailed information, reviews, release dates, etc. If you liked my writing, you can follow me on social media at the link below. That will be my inspiration for writing more.

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